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Psychologist - how he can help me

Jan. 12, 2021, 4:07 p.m.

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To modern man, the need to visit a psychologist is along with an appeal to a dentist, surgeon or any other specialist. Psychological health is one of the main components of a full life.

Thream, if you began to have problems in relations with relatives, colleagues at work, or you began to notice that the behavior of your child is not changing for the better, it's time to consult a specialist. In order to get a positive effect, you need not only to choose a professional, but also to correctly determine the right direction

In this article, we will help you understand the different specializations, as well as the problems that they help to solve.

Family psychologist

Family psychologist works with problems in families. It can be both quarrels, divorces or infidelities in a couple, and misunderstandings that arise between parents and their children, as well as other family members. Therapy will be effective even if you are already divorced, but can not establish communication in order to raise joint children.

The advantage of contacting such a specialist is the fact that he has a classical education of a fairly wide profile, so he is able to determine the root ofthe problem.

In the minuses, we can note the need for the participation of all members of the conflict, and their desire to solve the problem.

Séeye cost:

in Moscow from 1500 to 4000 rubles, an average of 2000 rubles

in Kiev from 400 to 800 UAH per session, on average about 600 UAH

Child psychologist

Психолог - чем он может мне помочь

The child psychologist works with problems that arise in children of different ages. It can be both autism, developmental delay, and hyperactivity and aggression. He will help to understand and solve the problem if your child often lies, begins to steal or fight with other children. Effective therapy against phobias or moral injuries.

It is important to understand that a visit to a psychologist should not be a punishment for the child - so you can worsen the situation and more consultations will be needed. When deciding to contact a child psychologist, be prepared for the fact that your participation in therapy, as well as the implementation of the recommendations of a specialist, may be required.

We advise you to read about how to choose the right online psychologist

Incontroversial advantage is the presence of a general psychological and specialized education. This allows you to analyze the behavior of not only the child, but also the immediate environment (parents, relatives), which influences him.

The main disadvantage may be the unwillingness of the child to perceive a new person, but it is temporary - experts find an approach, but it takes time.

Séeye cost:

in Moscow from 1400 to 3800 rubles, an average of 1900 rubles

in Kiev from 300 to 900 UAH per session, on average about 500 UAH

Clinical psychologist

Clinical psychologist works with people with mental illness. His services may be needed both in psychiatric hospitals and specialized centers, and for individual assistance in the rehabilitation process or as part of individual treatment. Specialists practicing clinical psychology are most often approached by relatives or guardians of people who need help.

Important to understand that if your relative or loved one has a clinical diagnosis, the psychologist will not be able to eliminate it. Consultations will help to significantly improve the quality of life of both the patient and the whole family. Before you start looking for a clinical psychologist, be sure to consult with your doctor.

The advantages include an increase in the effectiveness of psychiatric treatment, the ability to monitor the patient's condition. A professional will be able to determine the likelihood of relapse in a timely manner and eliminate it or inform the attending physician in time.

To the disadvantages include the fact that the direction itself is quite new and not fully understood.

Séeye cost:

in Moscow from 2000 to 5000 rubles, an average of 2700 rubles

in Kiev from 600 to 1300 UAH per session, on average about 650 UAH

Online Psychologist

This is not a specific direction, but a form of cooperation. Most specialists offer their services both offline (during a personal visit) and in an online format, for example, via Skype.

A clear advantage is the ability not to interrupt consultations during travel or restrictions that are associated with the epidemiological situation. This is especially important in cases where there is a process of rehabilitation after injuries and moral turmoil.

Minus can be called the fact that not all people can relax and tune in to a conversation in this format.

Price for consultation depends on the profile of the psychologist. As a rule, it is lower than the cost of personal consultations by 5 - 20 %.

The solution to the problem begins with the realization of its presence. If you come to the fact that you or your family needs psychological help, you should contact only professional, certified specialists. Before starting therapy, be sure to ask the psychologist for a diploma and certificates that he has. Another important factor is practical experience.

Important to understand that each person is individual, to correct the problem may need a different number of sessions, which are determined by the psychologist during the first receptions. You can get a good result only with a systematic visit to a specialist and the implementation of all his recommendations.

Notable psychologists

Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud during his life and the formation of his psychotheories faced a lot of criticism from other researchers in the field of psychology. Nevertheless, his achievements – this is a huge contribution to the development of this science, it is the impetus of several branches in psychoanalysis.

The most significant teaching of Freud is his presented model of the three-component human psyche, which states that there are in each of us such parts as «It», «I» and «Super-I». These concepts, according to Freud's theory, are a mechanism for decision-making, which results in our actions. «It» is responsible for human desires, it is the basis for «I» and «Super-I», it's instincts and impulses. «Ya» can be called the personification of man, this structure is controlled byEverything binds instincts and their adequate manifestation in society. «Super-self» – these are all the purest thoughts, this is shame for wrong behavior, it is ideals and conscience, it is a structure that encourages everyone to be better.

Pleazd, Freud's most famous teaching is the discovery of human psychosexual development. Due to the fact that Sigmund was not afraid to speak and associate people's actions with their sexuality, he was able to build a whole doctrine on the basis of his research. Although during Freud's life such topics were still forbidden «. The courage of the scientist made him famous, but also brought down on him a flurry of criticism. According to this theory, each person goes through five stages of sexual development, from the most primitive to the most serious and adult:






The passage of all stages of development contributes to the fact that an adult formed person is ready to have sexual intercourse with a person of the other sex. Various disorders in the formation of these stages create an environment for some deviations in the desires and behavior of the individual. Depending on how the person went through each element of development, it is of great importance for his psyche. Deviations that were present during sexual formation can form psychological problems. as adults.

Freydian method of studying the psyche necessarily includes sexual overtones. It is on sexuality that almost all the theories of this scientist are built. On the one hand, he is right, because sexuality, sexual relations play a very significant role in everyone's life. A person seeks to have a partner, create a family, have sex and have children, continue his race. On the other hand, it is impossible to say one hundred percent, that sexuality is the root of all problems or mental disorders.

Freyd created and described several other significant theories that created fertile ground for a more complete study of the human psyche

Mikhail Labkovsky

Mikhail Labkovsky or the most recognizable psychologist Rossi according to Forbes magazine. At first he worked as a school psychologist, but then he began to give advice, and for the sake of finding new clients he decided to go to the media. First on the radio, and then on television, he talked about psychology, which drew attention to his person

In his name, his desire to popularize psychology, to understand the root of problems together with a professional became the reason for Labkovsky's fame. If Freud revolutionized the doctrine based on sexuality, labkovsky revolutionized the desire to introduce psychology into the routine life of everyone.

Acys to Labkovsky, every psychologist becomes interested in psychology because he is sick, has some abnormalities himself and wants to understand himself. At first, Mikhail sought to dig into the problems of others in order to solve his own. But when he was cured of his great illness – ADHD, he continued the practice because he was interested in being a psychologist and solving the problems of others.

Labkovsky made a great contribution to psychology and became its popularizer in Russia. Now he works on the problems of marriage, divorce, and the impact of all this on children. Michael's family counseling helps many to adequately resolve seemingly unresolved issues. The only inconvenience or disadvantage of this psychologist is the lack of personal meetings with clients. But his webinars solve a lot of problems, as well as in group classes and lectures-consultations.


The research of Karen found a boost when she moved from Germany to the States. Back in her home country, Karen studied medicine and psychoanalysis a lot. But it was the move that helped her understand exactly how society and environment affect the individual. Observing people's relationships in a new country and comparing them to what was in her home country, as well as the consequences (type of neurosis, The societal that this led to helped Karen understand a very important thing. In a sense, her teachings are based on the teachings of Freud, only in the case of, society also has an influence on the behavior and aspirations of man. And this completely changes the course of psychological therapy.

Freid proposed the theory that in order to restore the psyche and get rid of problems, it is necessary to reconcile with oneself, to balance «Ono», «I» and «Super-I», to cope with one's instincts and their manifestation. The therapy that Karen offers has another fundamental component – society. And therefore, it is necessary to balance not only the processes in oneself, but also the processes that occur between the individual and society.

Karen says that therapy is needed in order to find a core and support for the formation of personal opinions. And this will help get rid of neurosis and related mechanisms that used to act as a significant force in solving life issues

The formation of neurosis in each person prompts some internal conflict. But not every contradiction becomes the cause of neurosis, but only one that causes prolonged strong experiences. considered the need for love and the desire for power to be the main and most common neuroses. These two impulses, which are in every person, are opposites, and they form a certain model of behavior.

In fact, the teachings of Karen have a very similar structure to the teachings of Freud, but have a radically different content. The duality of human nature – this is a concept that permeates both theories. included in her works man, his motives and society, which is a kind of interpretation of Freud's «It», «I» and «Super-I». Her teachings do not contradict the teachings of Freud, their works have invisible points of contact, but they can hardly be called a parallel expression of thoughts.

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