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What is the City Pros platform?

Aug. 29, 2020, 3:11 p.m.

City Pros gives $5 to all clients to book any services on City Pros. Get $5

City Pros is a platform for customer interaction with a service provider.

The goal of the City Pros project is to make the search and order of services of any specialist as simple as possible andwithout commissions for the client and for the specialist.

Persays for the client:

1. A large selection of experienced professionals from around the world, in different languages, on any budget

2. Opportunity to order a consultation, webinar, course, master class, choose a specialist to perform the project, hire a contract or work in the office

3. Convenient order in two clicks

4. Convenient and secure payment with VISA, MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay

5. Ability to accept services on the go using Android and iOS mobile apps

6. Built-in video calling from City Pros

7. The ability to sas any questions of interest leading expertsabsolutely free of charge

8. Read reviews of others about a particular specialist, as well as leave your feedback

Exameds of using the City Pros platform for a specialist, expert, private entrepreneur, small and large business providing services:

Use the City Pros platform for free!

1. Free registration in the service catalog ("This is free advertising for you, which works around the clock so that even more customers from all over the world can find and order your services)

2. Your personal business page with the ability to add a description of all your services, photos and videos (significant savings on the creation and maintenance of your website)

3.Ability to accept payment to your bank card (2% payment processing fee + 2.9% when paying with VISA and MasterCard credit cards, as well as GooglePay and ApplePay. You no longer need to worry about payment, because you will receive money automatically to your account)

4. Auto-secretary 24/7. Online system for booking orders, consultations, lessons, visits, etc. (saving on secretary services and significant savings in personal time - there is no need to answer calls during work. You are not distracted from customers and do not worry that you missed the call)

5.Ability to provide services on the go using Android and iOS mobile apps

6. Video call from City Pros. (No need for ZOOM or Skype. The City Pros platform contains all the most important features for successful online business)

7. Your reputation. If earlier your customers could sometimes recommend your services to their friends, now all reviews about your services will be collected in one place and "word of mouth" will work for you online, around the clock and available to potential customers around the world. Declare yourself around the world on the international platform City Pros.

8. The ability to answer customer questions, participate in an open discussion and thereby rise in the search ranking by category.

Why is the City Pros platform suitable for?

Everone who can and wants to provide services online: teach, advise, help. Let's say you are a weight loss specialist (nutritionist), psychologist, cosmetologist or marketer. You have a YouTube channel, a Facebook page and an Instagram page.

Your followers subscribe to your videos and some want to consult in person, ask questions and discuss their situation specifically.

1. On the City Pros platform, your client can easily book and pay for a consultation at a convenient time for them and you from any corner of the world

2. You have created a video, webinar or pdf course. You can easily sell it by accepting payment on the City Pros platform

3. You want to conduct a group lesson or consultation with several customers and subscribers at the same time. You can easily do this on the City Pros platform. Conduct via video link from your mobile phone and receive payment directly to the card.

You are a school teacher or a university professor? Your students and students will be happy to study your accelerated video course on the subject. Payment for the video course will go directly to your bank card.

The City Pros platform contains allfunctions for convenient workonline specialists. The City Pros platform is also suitable for offlinespecialists.

You'll admit you're a lawyer and temporarily lost your job in the office due to quarantine. Your clients stay with you and trust you. Easily continue working from your virtual office on the City Pros platform. Accept applications, consult, accept payment. Enjoy the convenience of working online from home, cottage or any place where there is Wi-

If you provide services online, be sure to register on the City Pros platform. This platform is for anyone who wants to earn online, as well as share their experience and knowledge for money or for free - everything is at your choice.

The platform registers psychologists, stylists, consultants, coaches, trainers, tutors of languages, mathematics, music, IT, lawyers, accountants, nutrition specialists, YouTube bloggers, bloggers, as well as many other professionals.

I am going to meet small businesses halfway and understand how hard it is to work during this volatile time of the COVID-19 pandemic, so we give you to use the platform for free.

Free registration with FIGHTCOVID coupon during the COVID-19 pandemic https://city-pros.com/ru/new

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City Pros gives $5 to all clients to book any services on City Pros. Get $5

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City Pros is a meeting place for a client with a specialist providing services online. City Pros is an international video platform for online consul…

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