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How to make money on the City Pros platform?

Dec. 10, 2020, 6:40 p.m.

City Pros gives $5 to all clients to book any services on City Pros. Get $5

The City Pros platform is designed to help professionals of different professions earn online, as well as in the office

On the City Pros platform, you can easily:

  • At accept payment for your services 24/7
  • conduct personal and group video consultations, lessons, trainings
  • conduct paid webinars and workshops,
  • att accept orders for work in the office, under contract, online, remotely (freelance)
  • Atrall orders and payment for completed projects,
  • find a permanent and temporary job
  • find customers and employers around the world.
  • sell video lessons, books, video courses
  • sell products.

Whosing registration, City Pros gives you for free

a personal business page (as a Facebook page only for your business/your services) so that employers, customers and customers from all over the world can go to it to order and pay for your services at any time of the day (even when you are sleeping). Huge savings on registering and maintaining your website

On your page you can post

  • Description of your services, your resume
  • Photo of your work
  • Video of your works and services, your video answers to questions
  • Your personal blog: Articles, posts, notes (the advantage is that unlike social networks, your posts will not be lost in the feed, but will always be on your business page). Easily share a link to articles and order your services in social networks.

Also your page contains all the reviews of your customers, so that new customers have access to information about your wonderful services and products

Ethexacies of the City Pros platform

The City Pros platform contains the most useful and convenient features for successful business development:

  • Registration is free! Unlimited use of your business page on City Pros
  • Sies and customers around the world. City Pros is a global platform with access to the markets of different countries. On the platform, your services are advertised not only locally, but also in other countries
  • Rough order pick-up. All orders from customers are automatically accepted, processed and mailed to you. Save $15-29 per month for similar paid versions. There is no need to hang on your phone, distract yourself from the business and worry that you missed a call from the client.
  • Preparation of payment: Money is automatically credited to your account after the order is completed or consulted
  • Video call with the customer. On the City Pros platform, you do not need to install and integrate with Skype, WhatsApp Facebook Messenger and other applications. Convenient video communication from City Pros with the client without leaving the account. You provide services from home via video conferencing from City Pros
  • Proven webinars and master classes. A unique opportunity to conduct video consultations 1-on-1 and 1-on-100 people for webinars and master classes
  • Sell your lessons, products, books, courses. Accept orders and payment for your services and goods.
  • Ansanscing new customers' questions and comments.Your questions from customers will be sent to your e-mail. Answer conveniently in one click.
  • Use built-in marketing tools to promote your business page and attract new customers pay and free

Why specialists work on the City Pros platform?

Platform for anyone who is willing to advise, train, sell, fulfill orders and just look for work in various industries.

You have exclusive knowledge and experience in a particular field, are you ready to advise and teach others? City Pros is the perfect platform to exchange your knowledge for money

  • Ye a fitness trainer? Show how to achieve results
  • To make professional photos on a regular iPhone? Thousands of people dream of learning this
  • Write in JAVA?- advise others on programming
  • 12 years of sales experience? Teach others the intricacies of sales
  • Scholler? Answer questions and consult online
  • Ye an expert in marketing? Teach what really works in the market
  • Ye a design specialist? Many people need your advice
  • Trained in culinary arts abroad and practiced in leading restaurants? Teach online and continue to hone your skills.

City Pros is a platform for professionals, professionals, experts, business owners and entrepreneurs in various industries, such as:

  • Business
  • Bullying, Accounting and Auditing
  • Graphics & Design
  • Health & Fitness
  • Quality
  • Computer Games
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Beauty
  • Coulinaria
  • Marketing
  • Musical
  • Movable property
  • Education
  • Programming, IT
  • Psychology
  • Financial
  • Photo / Video
  • Jurisprudencia
  • and many others

The City Pros platform gives you the opportunity to work and earn both online and take orders for your services and goods in the office.

On the City Pros platform, your payment is always guaranteed. We securely process payments for you and your customers using VISA, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

See how to make money on the City Pros platform

Assurn there are many options to make money on the City Pros platform, here are some of them

A grandmother bakes super delicious pies (according to an exclusive recipe).

  1. Sells locally by taking orders for City Pros. 5 pies box - $3

Orders are processed automatically and payment is credited to her bank account

  1. Sequiry orders. 23 boxes - $69 per day
  2. Sale of recipe $10 per recipe - unlimited quantity
  3. Specific training on how to bake these pies. Video tutorial 1-on-1- $20 in 15 minutes
  4. Simage training on how to bake pies. Video tutorial for 10 people $200 in 25 minutes
  5. Masterclass, webinar (for 100 people) for leading restaurants from different countries. From $1700-$2500 in 45 minutes

Recearn how much a doctor, accountant, lawyer, IT specialist with 15 years of experience can earn. Your possibilities are really endless on the City Pros platform. Register!

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City Pros gives $5 to all clients to book any services on City Pros. Get $5

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City Pros is a meeting place for a client with a specialist providing services online. City Pros is an international video platform for online consul…

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