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What is NLP? NLP techniques that work

Jan. 25, 2021, 12:37 a.m.

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People are born with a brain, but unfortunately it does not come with an instruction manual. NLP techniques allow you to achieve career growth, success in work, improve relationships with people using a personal resource. Each person can arm himself with the potential of his personality, realizing desires and dreams. But you need to know how to do it. There is only one obstacle to the goal — it is you.

The NLP abbreviation stands for neurolinguistic programming. The term comes from the English Neuro-linguistic programming, implies the formation of personality through the influence on itself. Covers an approach to modeling people's behavior, the formation of interpersonal space, because everything begins with a thought. Only after an idea has arisen, a person moves on to action. NLP techniques are necessary in order to direct thoughts in the right direction, thereby improving quality of life.

Recoding the words that make up a term:

  • Neuro — creating a unique psychic filter system necessary to process the impulses absorbed by the human senses. The first mental map consists of simple sensations — smells, tastes, tactile senses.
  • Linguistic — a person transmits the received information linguistic (linguistic) meaning.
  • Programming — behavioral response that occurs from the two processes described above.

Pluses and disadvantages of the approach

  • As in other practices, NLP has adherents and skeptics. Let's try to figure out what causes this.

Pluses of approach

Что такое НЛП

  • NLP is a personality psychology brought almost to perfection. It's like cooking with kitchen scales and recipes – everything is balanced, accurate, but there is nothing superfluous. A person will be able to understand where fears come from and how to overcome them, how to become successful, learn to interact with other people, build relationships, and so on. This increases his value as an employee and life partner.

In one of the main advantages of NLP – the ability to independently change your consciousness and perception. Among the advantages are also:

  • jor pragmatism;
  • practice;
  • objectivity;
  • technology;
  • ability to form internal mental maps.

Minuses of the approach

NLP – is a technology that implies not a value, not an instrumental approach.

  • In the main disadvantages that NLP – the absence of a theory of personality. Its essence lies in the consideration by a person of innate and acquired sources of character from different positions, as well as age-related changes, their influence on the formation of personality. And the theory of personality affects the unconscious and sozSpheres such as freedom, will, objectivity and subjectivity.

The NLP's founders, including John Grinder and Richard Bendler, took into account the theory of personality and partially studied it, but did not implement it all. It seems that psychologists stopped at studying it, but as soon as they noticed the ability of the human mind to wishful thinking and believe in a panacea, they immediately stopped. Then the game on human weaknesses began.

Wom is NLP suitable and how can it help?

One of the important factors that affect the quality of life of any person is his interaction with society. Cognitive psychotherapy is not just a method of working with a patient, it helps to correct the incorrect perception of certain situations by a healthy person

I can give a simple example – some people, being disabled, conquer the peaks, play sports, open a business and show every movement that life is beautiful. They adhere to the famous English saying: «No need to cry about spilled milk».

Well, there is another category of quite healthy people who are so loaded in their problems, depression and hopelessness that they cease to live a full life. NLP allows you to quickly and without consequences correct «program» their lives. But for some, the victim's position is so much eaten into the consciousness that they do not represent their existence in any other way. But even in this case, NLP techniques work, the main thing is to reach out to the person and do everything possible so that he wants to use them.

Everyone who is interested in NLP may start to think differently, analyzing what is happening. With the help of a coach, skills come very quickly.

NLP will help to overcome anxiety, phobias, fears, stress. In addition, practices will help to establish such areas of life:

  • well-being and health;
  • denily energy, business;
  • relations, family life.

With the help of NLP, people were able to adjust other aspects that are important to them.

How much is NLP worth?

The cost of neurolinguistic programming depends on the program in which the specialist works with a person. Practices can be aimed at improving the quality of life in general or affect individual areas, for example, doing business. A person learns to organize his thinking, behavior, speech, control himself, which has a positive effect on his career.

To master the basics of NLP and become a novice coach, it is enough to take courses «Master of NLP». The duration of the course is 16 days, 4 days for 4 segments. The average cost is 1000-3000 UAH. The final price depends on the coach and his qualifications. The NLP course can cost 8,000 UAH, but the advantage will be many lessons, free additional materials.

NLP: from theory to practice

Imagine our world in ancient times, when tribes lived in partial isolation or at a great distance from each other. When life was completely static, and people were connected by joint fears, beliefs, rituals and even accumulated experience. At that time, survival depended more on physical strength than on the ability to communicate with each other.

Today, the opposite is true — competent communication directly affects success in life and "survival". In the modern world, we can freely communicate with people from different parts of the world. With people who have their own beliefs, beliefs, experiences and ideas about life. It is absolutely logical that the question arises: "How to establish competent communication with someone you do not know, and persuade him to do what I need?"

Which NLP is dealing with this issue.

Nemry History

Work on NLP began back in the 60s by a group of scientists at the University of California: Richard Bendler, John Grinder, Frank Pucelik and Gregory Bateson. They were looking for an answer to the question of why certain psychotherapists interact more effectively with their clients than others. Scientists began to study the methods and techniques that were used by successful psychologists by observing their activities. The result of their work was a complex of techniques, allowing you to communicate effectively and achieve personal growth

  • sales;
  • management;
  • jurisprudenci;
  • oratory skill;
  • writing;
  • coaching;
  • sport;
  • rekruting;
  • acter skills, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of NLP

Discipline has a positive effect on personal development, helping to properly understand yourself, look at the world from different angles, and also achieve flexibility in behavior.

Special NLP techniques even help treat popular phobias, psychological trauma, and illnesses, such as depression or insomnia.

In addition, with the help of neurolinguistic programming, you can choose effective words and patterns that will allow you to better present information about yourself or your product in the business sphere. Thoughts will be translated more convincingly, but at the same time absolutely naturally.

Ein the love sphere you can apply NLP techniques. For example, a man asks: "What time will we meet tomorrow?", And can say: "When will it be more pleasant for you to communicate with me?" The second case is more suitable, because the man transmits a certain meta-message that the girl will be pleased to meet him.

On the shortcomings, it is worth noting the fact that NLP does not take into account the theory of personality. A theory in which a person is considered systematically by positions: innate and acquired character traits, free will, dominant processes in consciousness, the ability to self-control, various social contexts, etc

NLP and other areas in psychology

As a direction in practical psychology, NLP has many similarities with other areas: gestalt, psychoanalysis, intelligent path, syntone, socionics, transactional analysis. Here are the main ones:

  1. In the first place in NLP, the skill of already successful people is simulated or, in other words, it turns out that it is necessary to add a non-master to become a master;
  2. NLP does not look at a person's past, but studies ways of perceiving that can affect the present and the future;
  3. NLP — is a tool, not a set of values. Discipline does not tell you how to live properly, what to believe in and what is the meaning of life. There is a certain problem — NLP paraphrases it into a problem and solves it.

On the originality of the discipline is formed by a combination of unique features:

  1. NLP does not study "theory" if it is not needed for practice. The main question is not how it works, but how to use it to get the desired result;
  2. NLP accepts require high accuracy. It is necessary to accurately perceive the reaction of the interlocutor, as well as accurately influence him. NLP masters monitor the state of a person in a second interval, instantly changing the means of verbal and non-verbal influence;
  3. NLP focuses on the subconscious. It is the active work with internal images that allows you to change the consciousness of a person.

NLP training

It is worth noting that anyone can master the techniques of neurolinguistic programming. As a rule, popular trainings are divided into 3 parts:

  • Novich. Learning and Applying Basic Techniques;
  • Proviated. In-depth study of all techniques and subtleties of their application;
  • Master. Working with the audience and teaching NLP.

Trainings can last from a week to several months, and their cost ranges from 100 to 600 dollars. At the same time, the price of individual courses can reach $ 1,000.

Popular NLP techniques

As there are a lot of different techniques and techniques that affect us in one way or another. At the same time, we may not even realize that we are being manipulated. Shopping centers, work, study, TV, Internet — various neurolinguistic programming techniques are used everywhere.

Here are some of the simplest techniques you can start using today:

Most people are wary of strangers, and it is almost impossible to inspire trust in a wary person. To establish "contact" with the interlocutor, you need to start copying it in some way. It can be gestures, posture, manner of speech, gait and even breathing. The whole essence of the technique can be stated by the famous phrase mowgli: "We are of the same blood: you and I". Accordingly, if we are "of the same blood", then they have to trust each other.

To get a positive answer from a person to your question, try to first ask him 3 questions to which he will answer "Yes". This technique is based on the law of inertia — the movement of thought accelerates in a certain direction. If the interlocutor answered "Yes" three times, then 4 times, asking the question of interest, most likely, he will also answer.The technique is to use a question to switch a person's attention to another object. Unfortunately, the human brain can focus only on one thing. With all other areas, you can do anything. Yes, this technique is often used by illusionists and magicians when they focus the attention of the audience on some object.

You should not think that these few techniques reflect the whole essence of neurolinguistic programming. There are techniques that need to be carefully honed for years. But if you can climb this mountain, then you will have a very interesting picture of the world.

What is the difference between NLP and Gestalt?

Gestalt (GT) and NLP are characterized by a fundamentally different approach. The similarity is that if there is a problem, both directions offer solutions: in NLP these are programming techniques, in GT, respectively, complete the Gestalt. For this, different methods are offered.

The difference is that Gestalt calls for studying the problem situation, evaluating, analyzing, while a person observes his reactions, including internal contradictions. This allows you to find the essence and the right way out. NLP dictates what to do. That is, a person follows a clearly prescribed algorithm.

Common fact is that the problem needs to be broken down «by molecules.However, GT implies a causal relationship. For example, the problem is a small salary. So not enough worked, invested little resources. Why? There was no mood, motivation, etc.

In NLP, things are a little different. A person copies some types of behavior, follows instructions to eliminate problems. A simple example – if you are in a bad mood, then you need to smile more often. First «through strength», but later it will become a habit. Also with a salary, you need to motivate yourself and move towards the goal.

Why are the methods of NLP?

3 basic NLP techniques:

  • Presuppositions

The adept implies that the universe is friendly to everyone and full of resources. It contains a set of positively formulated aphorisms that are used as basic elements for individual and collective practices. According to the famous British NLP coach, Jane Revell, presuppositions – this is not a philosophy or a set of rules, but rather assumptions, conjectures that form the basis of action.

  • Ecology

NLP believers view ecology through the prism of caring for and interacting with the environment and living beings. It also applies to the individual and his thoughts, behavior.

Lateralization of the brain – this is the concept of functional asymmetry of the two hemispheres. It is implied that the eyes and gestures are associated with auditory, visual, kinesthetic systems and certain areas of the human brain. The left side is considered more analytical, and the right – creative. Areas of the brain determine the propensity for various activities. For example, people with a more developed right hemisphere are creative, with the left – have a mathematical mindset.

What to do if NLP does not help?

Stereotypes that NLP doesn't work are due to the low competence of some coaches, because the goal of most ndashers is to make money and as much as possible.

There is another side of the issue. Not all people truly understand NLP issues, take into account only «shell» and perceive it as a «magic pill» from everything. Then comes the realization that «panacea» does not work, people consider NLP «divorce» and remain with this belief. Although it would be more correct in this situation to look at NLP from the other side, highlighting everything that works. Each person has different indicators.

Mea's look at the reasons why NLP does not work:

  1. People do not have a clear understanding of the techniques, they are used in the wrong place.
  2. Technicians use one at a time, and in most cases an integrated approach is needed.
  3. There is a non-quality understanding of what a person is applying. That is, the stage of awareness has been missed.
  4. Edicting rapport and lack of trance. Sometimes a partial immersion in trance &ndash is necessary; fully conscious techniques may not work.
  5. Next flexibility. It's because of a lack of knowledge. For example, when we process a photo, we know a lot of techniques, but if there is not enough knowledge, the photo turns out to be less vivid.

If NLP does not work, you need to review the practices from a different angle, try to delve into each of them as much as possible. This will help a qualified person.rener.

Guru NLP

One of the founders of NLP — Richard Bendler, American writer and psychologist. Developed a pseudoscientific approach to interpersonal communication with scientist Gregory Bateson and linguist John Grinder. They published books, worked fruitfully, conducted trainings and lectures. In 1980, Bendler's company earned more than $ 800,000, he and his wife prospered, but by the end of the year the beloved filed for divorce. During the same period, the cooperation of the two creators ended.

In the number of famous NLP coaches — Judith Delozier. Has been dealing with this issue since 1975 and has achieved incredible heights — is one of the five star coaches in the world. Made a fundamental contribution to the famous techniques of neurolinguistic programming.

Nowned coaches from NLP University (USA) — Roberta Dilts, Susie Smith.

Other stars in «sky» NLP:

  • Modern and sought-after coach of Russia — Mikhail Pelehaty.
  • Guru from Germany with 15 years of experience — Anita Hertel. Thanks to her work, many companies have avoided litigation.
  • Bo Scheberg & mdash; Head of the NLP Institute in Stockholm.
  • David Gordon — one of the creators, experience of more than 25 years.
  • Annie Entus & mdash; is well known in Russia as an NLP coach.
  • Sylvia Rankle — master and practitioner of NLP, in addition, owns hypnosis.
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