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Hairdresser for cats

April 25, 2021, 12:13 a.m.

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Despite the fact that cats are considered the cleanest animals, they still need care. This applies to both pets who are accustomed to living in a house or apartment, and those whom the owners let out on the street.

All clean and well-groomed hair, trimmed claws - this makes the animal not only beautiful and neat, but also significantly affects its health and well-being. Especially relevant is the haircut of cats and cats during molting, when the fallen wool remains on everything: furniture, floor, clothes, etc. You can trim or shave a cat, or a cat at home, or use the services of a groomer.

Specialized hairdresser or grooming salon for cats and cats is in every city. As a rule, such institutions provide two types of services:

  • preparation of the animal for an exhibition or competition;
  • hygienic procedures.

They differ in cost, as well as the complexity of execution. If you understand that the haircut of a cat in the cabin will be quite traumatic for the animal, it is better to take the master at home, the price for departure may be slightly higher than the salon, but at home the stress will be less

If you have not thought about the need for service from a groomer before, we have collected several useful procedures that you can use by contacting the salon or a private master.

Why do I need a cat groomer?

Парикмахер для котов

Imazd we want to note that these advantages will be able to appreciate the owners of furry cats, as well as pets with medium hair.

So why do you need a claw trimming for cats?

Professional groomer can:

  • Remove the tangles

Despite the fact that many owners of fur do not consider lumps of fur to be a problem, they can significantly harm the health of the cat. Dirt accumulates in the tangles, which often causes irritation of the skin of the animal. The cat constantly itches, injuring the place of irritation, as a result, a wound is formed there, through which an infection can get into the body.

  • Bray excess hair

Suckers often lick, eating a large amount of wool in the process. This can cause clogging of the stomach or intestines, as a result of which surgery will be required.

  • Scyp your claws

Eince if you have a special sharpener for claws at home, and traces of cat games are visible on the furniture, the claws still need to be trimmed. A professional groomer will be able to trim the cat's claws, the price for the service will be low.

  • Coup the cat

This is the most unloved and problematic procedure, which is better to entrust to a professional. A cat hairdresser will be able to quickly wash and dry the pet without harming him.

  • Are your ears and eyes

Conduct these procedures should be especially careful as the slightest inaccuracy can harm the cat, causing pain. Groomers undergo special training, so they know how to clean the eyes and ears correctly.

Many owners decide to shave a cat or cat at home on their own, explaining this by saving money, as well as the fact that the owner of the animal is not afraid. However, often this leads to the fact that, due to the lack of money,Due to special skills, the owner can injure the animal, especially when it comes to cutting the abdomen, processing hygienic zones, paws, ears and muzzle. As a result, treatment can cost you much more than hygienic grooming. If you just want to protect your pet from stress, it is better to trim the cat at home, calling a groomer.

What are the benefits of a cat hairdresser's service?

To get a quality service, and your pet was beautiful and satisfied, you need to pay special attention to finding a professional groomer. Using the services of an experienced cat hairdresser, you will get a lot of advantages:

  • Growers know how to cut their hair properly

Important to understand that for different breeds this rule will be different. Some breeds can be shaved almost bald, without touching the muzzle, for some it will be safe to remove a few centimeters, bypassing also the tail. Edging paws, ears and processing of hygienic zones - this procedure requires special professionalism, given the high sensitivity.

  • Professional hairdressers know how to calm animals

Any procedure involving water, loud noises, or the use of sharp objects causes stress even in the most calm animal. Professionals know how to properly approach the animal and fix it so that it does not get scared and injured.

  • Ality of necessary tools

Parikmahers for animals have a fairly large arsenal of tools. These are coltun cutters, furminators, machines with many nozzles for different types of wool, hair dryers and brushes for drying, as well as scissors and clippers for claws. These are high-quality tools that are quite expensive, buying them for home use is not always profitable, so it is more profitable to pay for the procedure.

  • Special shampoos and balms

People working with cats of different breeds are well versed in detergents that can be used for a particular type of wool. These are organic and safe compositions that will not only make your cat's coat shiny and beautiful, but also will not harm his health. As a rule, such products are not sold at retail, manufacturers sell them wholesale to specialized salons.

  • Work quality

Professionals are able not only to carefully process particularly sensitive areas without causing harm and discomfort to the animal, but also to hide minor flaws in the figure or coat of the cat. This is especially important if your pet will participate in the exhibition. A haircut should be done a few months before the performance, during which time the coat will be able to recover.

Whouring a salon or a private groomer, we recommend that you first communicate with the administrator or the master himself. Ask questions about what kind of manipulations are included in a particular service, what experience he has, whether there are examples. Also, be sure to specify what compositions the master will use. If the representative of the salon or groomer will not be able to answer or simply refuse to do it, it is worth contacting another hairdresser.

A good indicator will be a lot of questions from the groomer himself. Breed, age and character of the petand, the presence of fears, injuries or diseases will help the master to better prepare for the procedure. If the groomer goes to the house, he may ask to pre-prepare a place for bathing, but all other tools and means he must have with him

It is also important to discuss what procedures will be carried out and the exact cost of each. Professionals who respect themselves and their clients never report a higher price after completing the work.

Where to find a good hairdresser for cats?

To find a good cat groomer or hairdresser for cats in your city you can use our service. To do this, use convenient filters and choose the service that you need, as well as your locality.

Dequip detailed information about the salon or master you can from the description in the profile. There is also a list and cost of services, as well as a feedback form is available, with which you can ask questions to the representative

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