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Psychological consultation of parents in kindergarten

Jan. 25, 2021, 1:23 a.m.

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Most parents very carefully select their child preschool, where for the first time will be among other peers their cute creation.

De kindergarten is a new step in the child's growing up, an important stage of new skills, a different environment and regime. For the baby, this is a serious experience of communicating with peers, an exam for independence and the ability to find a common language with strangers

The list of specialists who will deal with the child also plays an important role.

If parents are approximately clear what will be done with their baby in kindergarten pediatrician, speech therapist, educator and nanny, but the purpose of a child psychologist is often simply underestimated.

How can a kindergarten psychologist help?

The child psychologist will not make a diagnosis and will not prescribe treatment, this is not a psychotherapist or a neurologist. A child psychologist is a specialist who will help adults understand their child and help correct his behavior in the future. Do not be afraid of this, but on the contrary –it is better to seek help from a specialist if the family has problems with a child of kindergarten age.

Some parents are skeptical of such a specialist and are openly distrustful. But do not neglect psychological help if obvious problems interfere with both the child and his parents. It is worth noting that the main professional norm of psychologists is confidentiality and personal discussion of the identified problems. Any tests, analysis or diagnosis take place in a narrow circle, the results of which are negotiated directly with you and your child.

Naturally, each child is different and for any age there is a certain set of permissible emotions and behavior. For most babies, it is characteristic in various situations to show anger, aggression, greed, crying, tantrums, etc. But if engaged in the upbringing of a preschooler, parents once notice significant changes in character, disobedience, or another, not peculiar before, style of behavior – this is worth paying attention to and, in the future, consult a specialist.

The problem of deviant behavior is now more relevant than ever, because new mechanisms of influence on the younger generation have appeared. Scientists identify such forms of similar behavior. We advise you to read what forms of deviant behavior

The main problems of parents of kindergarten children:

- constant stubbornness and whims;

- anxiety and isolation;


is a child thief;

- regular tantrums during kindergarten;

- pastime on the playground: tears and tantrums;

- difficult adaptation to visiting a preschool institution;

- the baby does not clean up after himself toys;

- inhibition in terms of the development of the child's speech and unwillingness to communicate with peers;

- hyperactivity and hyperprotection;

- lack of in-in-personability and unwillingness to learn this;

- education of children of different sexes;

- the baby's unpreparedness for school;

- crises in the family;

- difficulties in communication between adults and children;

- intemperance of emotions by parents, raising the voice on children, emotional burnout

As there are many effective disciplinary strategies for preschool children, they allow you to teach the child to change behavior for the better, to be responsible and friendly. But, in the modern world, parents are constantly busy, the child requires attentionAnd thus achieves «desired» with the help of whims.

A specialist's help is not needed by everyone, sometimes attentive parents will be able to cope with the problem on their own.

The list of children's problems is very large and depends on the age of the baby.

To get out of problem situations with your beloved child, you can use the following recommendations:

- hug and praise more;


- solve all problems together and understand conflict situations;

- play;

- assign adult work or do it together;

- be constantly interested in the affairs of the child;

- Spend more time together.

In most cases, parents simply do not pay attention to the constant disobedience of their children, referring to any temporary circumstances or problems. But, sometimes, even a small mistake, fleeting anxiety, hysteria, isolation or excessive children's activity– a big problem in the mechanism, which is only gaining momentum and in the future can be a big problem.

What is the child psychologist important, and what problems does he solve?

Unly, a pediatric specialist is different from other psychologists and can help both preschoolers and their parents and caregivers. A good expert in this field can conduct good psychological counseling for parents in kindergarten, helping to solve many problems regarding the behavior and upbringing of their children.

I will work out the condition of the baby and check contact with his parents, conduct a preliminary diagnosis and ask a lot of questions that bother parents within

the family.

Almostly, first of all, the activities of a kindergarten psychologist are mostly aimed at children and educators, but for the best situation it can include parents, for an effective assessment of the situation and elimination of further problems.

The main task of a kindergarten psychologist is to preserve and strengthen the psychological state and health of the baby, to adjust harmonious development in a preschool institution, to find the causes of unusual behavior and to provide timely qualified assistance to both children and their parents

The main tasks of a kindergarten psychologist during the conflict of psychological problems of development:

to identify the cause of the violation of emotional and personal development during a diagnostic examination;

to overcome developmental disorders, select and conduct individual recovery programs with the prediction of undesirable consequences;

to increase the psychological and pedagogical competence of educators and parents;

to provide counseling for adults who surround the child;

to provide psychological support to all participants in the process.

Psychological consultations for parents in kindergarten are organized:

- based on PMPK recommendations;

- after the results of psychological diagnosis;

- at the reasonable request of the teacher or parent.

The main methods of treatment of psychological disorders in kindergarten:

- sand therapy;

-play therapy;

- puppet therapy;

-art therapy;

- psycho-gymnastic therapy;

- neuropsychological correction;

-relaxation therapy;

- entertaining activities for the development of tactile sensitivity and sensorimotor skills;

games for the development of cognitive stages.

After all the forms of work carried out by a specialist, parents, or parents and children at the same time, participate in individual classes and developmental programs, or in special trainings of different authors based on the conditions of preschool institutions.

Individual classes can be held several times a week, and the duration of the course depends on the condition of the child and the volume of the correctional and developmental program

After a repeated diagnostic examination, the specialist determines the effectiveness of corrective effects.

What should actually cause anxiety in parents?

In the period of growing up, sometimes the baby needs support and qualified help.

Your task is to help the child, support and imperceptibly guide, even in the most critical situation. To respect his personality, learn to accept his freedom and independence will help psychological counseling for parents in kindergarten. A specialist will help to find the causes of the problem and teach you to adjust the mental development of your preschooler, respecting his needs.

Member! To force, order and put pressure on the baby is unacceptable! From pressure and orders, the situation can only worsen.

Our main task is to raise a healthy, happy, kind and independent person.

Psychological consultations will teach you to increase your competence in the field of parenting, help you gain parental maturity and be happy in this role.

Po the other, if the emotional state of your preschooler bothers not only you, but also everyone around you, you should seek advice from a kindergarten psychologist

Understand the causes of child behavior disorders and get professional help in overcoming a temporary age crisis.

It is sometimes difficult to cope with this. This requires the advice of a professional psychologist. His main task is to make the child's life comfortable and convenient based on the characteristics of the personality and psyche of the preschooler. The psychologist helps the child to get used to the conditions of kindergarten faster, find a common language with educators and children. In addition, the psychologist is actively engaged in counseling parents. But the psychologist works comprehensively in several directions, including parents:

· on-demand consultations. When a child is worried about something, parents come to a psychologist and explain the situation;

· education and prevention;

· correctional work with the child. Such work does not pass without the participation of parents.

Often parents do not understand and do not take the work of a psychologist seriously. Parents often do not notice that there is no contact with children, and some problems and failures are simply ignored. It is important to remember that it is unreasonable to put all responsibility on the kindergarten, because the well-being of the child begins with Parents. The psychologist works on the positive interaction of the parent, the caregiver and the child.

Consultations with parents

Consultations «on request» - the first thing a psychologist works with. Often the child has some problems and parents also need to participate in their solution. Mom, dad, or grandparents should contact a psychologist when they see that something is wrong with the child. The educational psychologist will find out the situation and tell parents how to behave with the child. In consultation with a psychologist, it will be easier for parents to understand their mistakes in behavior and build the right interaction strategy.

The psychologist usually conducts a routine consultation, and it can also be «urgent», if the child's problems do not tolerate delays. Parents need to understand the activities of the psychologist and actively interact with him. The psychologist for preschoolers always acts in the interests of the child.

Diagnosis of the child and work with parents

The psychologist routinely diagnoses the child and his characteristics. It is carried out mainly to determine the higher mental functions, as well as if the child has fears. Children are different and different events affect them in different ways. Situational studies are carried out with the help of special tests reveal the root of the problem. Consultation of a psychologist with parents, in this case, is carried out to familiarize parents with the results of the test. Before the child enters school, parents consult with a psychologist on this topic. If the child is not ready for school, parents are provided with recommendations, and what you should pay attention to.

Education and psychological prevention for parents

The psychologist actively works with parents to educate and prevent problems. The main direction of prevention in relation to children can be called increasing the psychological culture of parents and their awareness. It is important for parents to know the peculiarities of the child's development at this age. To this end, the psychologist conducts conversations and consultations, as well as trainings. He cares about the relationship between parents and children, this is constantly emphasized.

Assistance to parents in adapting the child to the garden

Adaptation period in kindergarten for many children is stressful. The task of the psychologist – to reduce all the negative aspects of the adaptation period to a minimum. Parents should accept the recommendations of a psychologist about the correct algorithm of behavior for perfect adaptation in the garden. The psychologist will help to prepare not only the child, but also the parent. The child needs to be positively set up – it is worth remembering for parents.

A psychologist conducts trainings. In many ways, the well-being of the child depends on the understanding of the parents. Therefore, together with a psychologist, parents should work out their problems and understand behavior. The main purpose of the trainings – to form constructive skills of a positive model of communication in the family and understand their child.

The role of a psychologist for parents of a preschooler is important, because it is important for the child to feel comfortable in this environment. If necessary, parents can always contact an online psychologist, which is very convenient. ProfessionsAn onal psychologist will help in solving problems in interaction and building the right correction strategy, if necessary.

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