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Psychologist or psychotherapist - what is the difference?

Jan. 14, 2021, 4:26 p.m.

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Psychological help: what is it and who may need it?

The need for psychological help can occur in a person regardless of age, status and occupation. And the symptoms can be so different that it can be quite difficult to determine the presence of a problem. Nervous breakdowns, apathy, deterioration of relationships with a loved one, parents, children, friends, colleagues greatly affect the quality of life, so if you begin to feel emotional discomfort, you should consult a specialist.

At this stage, many people have a completely rational question: which specialist to contact? Now there are several similar areas whose specialists are able to solve problems with psychological health. These are psychologists and psychotherapists. In order for you to be able to choose the right specialist, we decided to understand in more detail what each of the representatives of these professions does and what is the difference between them.


Психолог или психотерапевт - в чем разница

This are specialists who provide counseling services. A psychologist is not necessarily a doctor, a significant part does not have a higher medical education, so they cannot prescribe medications or other methods of treatment.

The main task of a psychologist is to identify internal and external conflicts, search for solutions to them. It is not uncommon to practice family or group psychology sessions, when with the help of this specialist it is possible to create a healthy atmosphere in personal relationships or a team.

how a psychologist can help - we advise you to read

For a healthy person who finds himself in a difficult emotional situation, this is an opportunity to understand the real essence of the problem and come to a way to solve it. There are also child psychologists who help solve problems such as: isolation, conflict, if the child began to steal, fight, leave home. Clinical psychologists help psychiatric patients better adapt to society, correct their behavior.


Psychotherapist is a specialist with higher medical education. Often psychotherapists have practical experience as a psychiatrist with patients who have a clinical diagnosis.

The task of a psychotherapist is to diagnose the presence of such a disease using special techniques. It can be a conversation, tests, hypnosis. A psychotherapist can prescribe medication if necessary. However, the main task of such a specialist is to provide emotional assistance.

If you suffer from sleep disorders, panic attacks, attacks of aggression or vice versa, apathy, memory lapses and other symptoms that affect not only the quality and comfort of life, but can also carry an immediate threat, contact a psychotherapist immediately

Why should you see a therapist?

One of the main advantages of contacting this specialist is the fact that he can detect the presence of the disease in a timely manner and take action. This can be both counseling therapy and prescribing medications. In complex cases, the therapist can refer the client to a psychiatrist for more serious treatment.

The main difficulty for the client when choosing withThe fact that the assessment of one's condition is very subjective. A person may not realize the existence of a problem or its scale. And, if a psychotherapist, with the help of special techniques and relying on experience with clinical patients, can identify a violation at an early stage, then psychologists identify them in the presence of obvious manifestations

Minus of contacting a psychotherapist directly can be such a character trait as suspiciousness. A person with low self-esteem and good imagination can perceive the very fact of such consultations as the presence of a serious problem, because of which his emotional state may worsen. However, if you compare the possible risks, then this option is less dangerous for the client himself.

What problems does a therapist solve?

Eio have considered the symptoms, in the event of which you need to consult a specialist. They can occur as a result of various diseases, which the psychotherapist helps to cope with.

Thi are:

  • depression;
  • neuroses;
  • real habits and addictions;
  • panic attacks;
  • phobia;
  • psychic trauma;
  • post-traumatic syndromes.

A corresponding technique is selected for each case. The frequency of sessions and the duration of therapy is determined individually.

What methods of psychotherapy are used?


This technique allows you to analyze the state of a person using the method of free association. For this, the most relaxing atmosphere is created, the patient lies on a comfortable couch and says literally everything that comes to his mind. Thoughts, experiences, dreams, desires, etc. The specialist sits in the same office out of sight of the client and analyzes everything said. Thus, it is possible to determine the source of the problem. In this case, the person, who begins treatment, you do not need to analyze, determine what is significant and what is not - the slightest detail can be the key to recovery

Analytical psychology

For this method, imagination is used. The psychotherapist discusses with the patient the problems that concern the latter, offering to express them using images, metaphors and associations. Drawing is most often used, it helps to convey not only the uniform, but also the color perception of a person. Thus, a more complete picture is obtained.

Gestalt therapy

This technique is based on an analysis of the current state of a person. This is what people often call "digging into yourself". With the help of a psychotherapist, the patient can analyze his behavior, emotions. The analysis is so detailed that in the process they analyze the smallest details, up to intonations, gestures, facials. As a result, a person manages to know himself, begin to control his behavior and emotions, take responsibility for his life and actions.

Existential analysis

It is held in the form of a friendly dialogue, when the client can relax as much as possible and trust the doctor. Thus, it is possible to raise all the topics of concern to the patient, understand the root of the problem and find a way out of the situation.

Family psychotherapy

Odin from osn- drawing up a model of the family from the words of its members. Every detail is important: the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, marriage, divorce, quarrels, separations and reconciliation. In the process, it is possible to identify the so-called "tipping points" and the causes of the conflict behavior of each of the participants.

Psychologist or psychotherapist?

Despite the rather fine line between states, as well as the subjectivity of evaluation, the answer to this question is quite simple:

If you have questions or can't find a way out of the situation, contact a psychologist. You need to analyze your condition after each session.

If the depressed state and emotional discomfort continue for a long time, or you feel physically unwell, choose a psychotherapist.

It is important to understand that the faster you ask for help, the better and faster the result will be.

How much does treatment cost?

I analyzed the proposals of specialists from all over Ukraine and Russia and made an estimated cost of treatment depending on the location.

Moscva: 2000 - 5000 rub/session

St. Petersburg: 1800 - 4700rub/session

Kiev: 400 - 1500 UAH per session

Vinnitsa: 400 - 1100 UAH per session

Zhitomir: 350 - 650 UAH per session

Lvi: 400 - 1000 UAH per session

Odessa: 350 - 1000 UAH per session

Dnipr: 300 - 800 UAH per session

Zaporozhye: 400 - 800 UAH per session

Before starting treatment, be sure to ask the specialist for his diploma of higher medical education, certificates, if any. Important is practical experience - both private practice and work in specialized institutions (psychiatric hospitals, dispensaries, rehabilitation centers, etc.)

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