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Nail clipping in cats

April 25, 2021, 12:06 a.m.

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The question "Do I need to cut the claws of a cat?" is one of the most controversial among the lovers and owners of these four-legged furries. The answer is quite simple, but it depends on the lifestyle that the cat leads. If the animal lives at home, does not climb trees and does not run along the street, then such a cat or cat needs a claw clipping, the price of the service is low. If you let your pet run on the street, then he will sharpen them himself to the desired length.

Veterinary do not recommend refusing to cut claws because of the consequences that may occur:

  • if the claw is not cut and sharpened, it can twist and injure the paw of the animal, in addition to pain, it is dangerous for infection into the wound;
  • grown claws can deform the shape of the paw due to the fact that the cat will not be able to step on it correctly, this is not only uncomfortable, but can also lead to injury

One more important question is the method of cutting. Some owners prefer to do it on their own, the rest trust their pets to professional groomers. An experienced master will be able to trim the claws of your cat or cat at home, as well as in a specialized grooming salon, the price of the service will depend on the complexity of the situation, as well as the skill of the groomer himself.

Стрижка когтей у кошек и котов

No, how to do the right thing? After all, no owner wants to harm his pet, and there are so many opinions and instructions on the Internet that after reading them there are more questions than answers. In order to help our readers, we have considered several options, as well as their pros and cons.

Curious to know why you need a cat groomer?

Clear claws at home

Atsimially, we want to note that you need to accustom your pet to this procedure from a very early age, when he is still quite a kitten. At the same time, you need to carefully cut off the tips of the claws so that the animal is accustomed to the process itself and is not afraid of the procedure.

To trim your claws correctly, follow a few rules:

  • The length of the claw

How is there no such norm for the length of cat's claws. You need to focus on the structure of your cat's claw. The thing is that it consists of a hard and insensitive part, as well as a softer one - the pulp, in which there are blood vessels and nerve endings. Touching it, you injure the pet, giving him pain.

  • Private pruning frequency

Clearning your claws is necessary as they grow back, which is very individual. You can cut off the tips every few weeks or fully trim the claws every few months. It is important to understand that if the cat walks along the street and climbs trees, you can not cut off the claws at all or remove only the tip if you or the furniture suffer from it.

  • Special Tools

Custom the claws can only be trimmed with special claws or scissors. Cat's claw is a thin and durable plate that can be broken if the blade is soft or not sharp enough, so the claw blade should beIt is made of steel. The second point is the form. The claws have a bend that the blade must repeat. Otherwise, you can break it.

In order to carry out the procedure carefully, you need good lighting. So you can see where the pulp ends. Gently press the pad so that the cat does not hide the claw and cut it off in one motion.

Despite the fact that this option seems more profitable and occurs in the same way as nail clipping in dogs, in fact, everything is not so simple. First, cats often break out and can react aggressively to an attempt to trim the claws. As a result, you can injure the animal, or it can scratch or bite you. Secondly, the cost of high-quality claws is quite high, therefore, cutting the claws of cats at home will not be very profitable.

Ling the claws of cats in the grooming salon

If you refused this service due to the fact that you do not want to take your pet to the salon, thereby causing him stress, it is better to use the service of calling a groomer at home. An experienced master will arrive at the agreed time and shorten your cat's claws in a few minutes.

That choice has a lot of advantages:

  • Professionalism of the master

An experienced groomer will be able to trim the claws not only quickly, but also correctly. He will be able to quickly remove the grown part so that your cat will not feel pain and discomfort, and your hands, furniture and other things will remain intact.

  • So less stress for the animal

A good groomer knows how to get along with animals. He will quickly calm the cat, fixing in the correct position. The procedure itself will not bring the animal any pain or emotional discomfort.

  • Instruments

In the arsenal of the groomer there are a large number of claws and scissors for different cases. As a rule, these are expensive professional tools that make an even cut without damaging the claws. Professional models are not sold in regular stores due to the fact that special skills are required to use them.

  • Economy

Using the services of a groomer, you will significantly save time and money. If at the last point you were surprised, then everything is simple - the cost of cutting claws once every one or two months is much lower than the price of treatment that may be needed for a paw injury or improper development. Also, you will not need to buy an expensive claw or special scissors. Another bonus is saving nerves. Yours and the animal, which do not have to get out from under the sofa or other hard-to-reach place in the house.

Use all these advantages you can only if you choose a professional groomer. To do this, be sure to talk with the master or administrator of the salon before you make an application for departure.

If the groomer has extensive experience, he provides various services, regularly attends conferences and exhibitions - in front of you is a professional who can be trusted your pet. If the master or representative of the salon refuses to answer questions, it is better to find another groomer, because good service is a mandatory rule that all professionals adhere to

An important point is the interest of the master. Before leaving, a professional will find out in detail all the data about your pet: breed, age, past diseases, character traits, etc. Despite the fact that claw clipping, and other grooming services are mechanical, these data will help the groomer to establish contact with his four-legged client

The list and cost of services must also be agreed during the registration of the application. The administrator must inform the exact price. If during the arrival it turns out that additional manipulations are needed, the master is obliged to justify their need and start doing something only after your consent.

Can I use the claw trimming service in cats?

In order to use the service, you just need to choose the right master with the help of our service. Specify your locality and we will select for you a professional groomer who works in your area.

Yearn about the services and their cost, you can get acquainted with the description on the profile page. The feedback form is also available here.

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