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Anxiety disorder, feelings of anxiety and anxiety

Jan. 24, 2021, 5:52 a.m.

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In the life of every person there are situations when he feels anxiety and anxiety. An important exam, an interview, a speech to the leadership, colleagues or spectators, fear of punishment, aggression is not the most pleasant, but quite understandable process. This is one of the protective reactions of the body, when our psyche signals a possible danger and the need to activate processes that can eliminate it

Well, what to do if the feeling of anxiety becomes permanent? At the same time, there are no objective reasons for this condition. The feeling becomes frequent and occurs suddenly, its duration and intensity can change, but the result is always negative - the nervous system is depleted, the person feels physical malaise, the quality of life deteriorates.

If you begin to notice frequent and unexplained attacks of anxiety and anxiety in yourself or they appeared in your loved one, you should immediately contact a specialist. With this problem, depending on its complexity, psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists work.

This to understand who and in what case to seek help, we decided to understand the nature of anxiety and the causes of its occurrence.

What is anxiety or anxiety disorder?

Тревожное расстройство

Anxiety is a feature of the human psyche, which consists in the frequent feeling of anxiety for no apparent reason, as well as in cases where there is a reason, but it is greatly exaggerated.

Anxiety disorder is often confused with fear because of similar symptoms. In both cases, a person's heart rate increases, sweating increases, and nausea can sometimes appear. The main difference is that a person's sense of fear arises in connection with a specific danger, and anxiety does not have a clear cause. Fear is understandable, this feeling appears in a healthy person just before how he will face danger (attack of a dog or a person, an accident). Anxiety and anxiety can appear suddenly, even if nothing happens.

In addition to the three main symptoms, a person may have difficulty breathing, a feeling of compression in the chest, pain in the heart, headache or dizziness, numb limbs, he can throw it into the heat, then into the cold.

Who to contact for symptoms of anxiety and anxiety?

There are two forms of anxiety that determine the specialist to contact:

  • adequad - occurs in a person who is faced with adverse life circumstances and can not get out of the situation on their own;
  • inadequacy - frequent attacks appear in a person who is in favorable living conditions

In the first case, it is worth visiting a psychologist's session. This specialist, who has undergone special training, but does not have a higher medical education. A psychologist will help to understand the situation, correctly assess the symptoms, and also find a way out. Therapy is carried out in the format of a conversation, the client is in comfortable conditions, can relax and concentrate. Medications are not prescribed.

the difference between a psychologist and a psychotherapist - we advise you to read in more detail

If the form of anxiety disorder is inadequate, a psychotherapist is needed. This is a specialist with higher medical care.Yiqing education. He will be able to assess the client's condition and make an accurate diagnosis. If necessary, prescribe drug treatment. If the situation is difficult or critical, the therapist may refer the patient to a psychiatrist for more serious treatment.

Indecessed anxiety can be a symptom of one or more anxiety disorders.

What are the anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorders are a group of mental diseases that are accompanied by anxiety attacks. The intensity of stress is quite high, the patient may begin sudden panic attacks, while he feels fear or horror.

Thy group includes the following mental illnesses:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder

The patient experiences a constant feeling of anxiety, which is not associated with any particular situation. A person is afraid of literally everything: death or illness of loved ones, attack, dismissal, failure of the exam, betrayal, lies, constantly experiences bad feelings. It is important to understand that such situations, theoretically, can happen in life, but there are no prerequisites.

Despite the moral and physical exhaustion, the patient is constantly fussing and doing something, from this the state of health only worsens. The general anxiety may be accompanied by the appearance of depression, in this case it is important to understand that the patient did not calm down and did not recover, just the disease went into another phase.

  • Phobias

Feassion of anxiety and anxiety or panic attacks can occur if a person encounters a specific factor. It may be a fear of spiders, dogs, darkness, open space, the sight or smell of blood, heights, etc. Alover, these are well-defined factors, the phobia is a mental disorder, not just a feeling of fear. The latter is associated with a real threat that a person evaluates objectively, Phobia focuses an inadequate reaction of the psyche on a particular object or situation.

Whost a phobia, a person understands the cause of anxiety and tries to avoid it. In many cases, this significantly affects the quality of life due to the presence of a large number of restrictions.

  • Social anxiety

Goodly known as social phobia. With this disorder, a person can be considered simply shy and insecure. Patients suffering from social phobia are afraid not of society itself, but of its negative or aggressive reaction to some of their actions, so they try in every way to avoid the need to do this

Sociophobes withdraw into themselves, try to avoid social contacts. If the situation of collision with the subject of the phobia is inevitable (the need to make a report, answer a question in front of a large audience), a person may have trembling hands, he blushes, speech is fast and confusing

  • Fear of separation

This anxiety disorder is most common in children. A panic attack or tantrum begins in a child if there is a need to temporarily part with one of the parents or loved ones, a beloved pet, a toy or leave the house. The child is testedHe may refuse to eat, sleep is disturbed, in particularly difficult cases this can adversely affect his development.

In older age, children with this disorder may refuse to go to school, in the future they have difficulties in their personal lives, careers.

  • Panic disorder

Provides in the form of panic attacks that occur and pass spontaneously. They do not have a system and periodicity, the patient's condition is complicated by the fact that during the period when there is no attack, he is afraid of its appearance. The person is under constant stress with greater or lesser intensity.

Causes of anxiety disorders

Despite the fact that all disorders have similar symptoms and differ in the logic of manifestation, the causes of their occurrence may be different. Consider the most common:

  • Psychological trauma

This can be a traumatic event in childhood, when a child has been psychologically or physically abused, abandoned by their parents, and has lost a loved one. An adult may also be affected by an accident, assault, or other traumatic event.

  • Chronic stress

On work, school, family, relationships, or multiple areas of life.

  • Substances of the psyche

Dizable self-esteem, increased self-demanding, excessive sense of responsibility, and a need to control everything can also lead to more complex psychiatric illness.

How to deal with anxiety disorders?

If the above symptoms appear in you or a loved one, you should immediately contact a psychotherapist. A professional will be able to correctly assess the condition with the help of special screening and choose a treatment.

None in any case you can not independently start taking sedatives. They can not only not help, but also worsen the condition, cause addiction.

Use the services of a professional psychotherapist you can online, picking up a specialist using our service.

The cost of consultation depends on the qualifications and experience of the psychotherapist, as well as the region. The average price is from 1000 to 4500 rubles, the number of sessions is assigned individually.

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