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Online Chinese Tutors | City Pros

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Сhoose services in which professionals speak other languages:

Looking at pictures with Chinese characters, many have the impression that these characters cannot be remembered, understood, applied in practice, and they came to us "from another planet." No, just from the Middle Kingdom and it is quite possible to learn beautiful, but incomprehensible letters. A Chinese tutor will help you with this. Learning a language is different from others, but at the same time the process is interesting and entertaining.

Despite all the complexity and majesty of the Chinese language, it is possible to learn it. Many teachers teach a course for beginners, where knowledge is given "from scratch" and is easy to learn. There are programs for more advanced users aimed at expanding vocabulary and speaking skills.

Many people are interested in the question of how much it costs to learn Chinese. It takes about 200 hours to study the basic course. To go to the middle level - up to 800 hours. It takes 4 months to master the intensive course. In each case, the pace of language acquisition is different.

When is a tutor required?
A Chinese tutor is needed by everyone who is connected in one way or another with this country. For example, he studies culture, plans a trip, has relatives in the Middle Kingdom, is going for temporary or permanent residence, but has an insufficient level of knowledge.

Most often, the services of a tutor are required:

applicants to philological universities;
students who need to tighten up the program;
businessmen cooperating with business partners from China.
How to choose a tutor?
The speed of mastering the material, ease of perception and the result depend on the tutor. Everyone has their own criteria for choosing. First, you need to outline the goals, the approximate amount, the time that you are willing to spend on training. Then analyze the proposals of teachers, taking into account their experience, practice, developments, methods. It will not be superfluous to read the reviews of other users.

You can communicate with the selected candidates via Skype, in this format it is convenient to discuss details. Most professionals offer trial lessons - a good opportunity to choose the right tutor for you.

The availability of TCTSOL, HSK6 and HSKK3 certificates only confirms the high level of knowledge.

Online - convenient and easy
Distance learning is one of the most convenient for modern students. See for yourself:

You can learn the basics of Chinese at any convenient time; this requires the Internet, a smartphone or a laptop.
A variety of forms of education: individual, group (mini-groups are formed) and others by agreement with the teacher.
Convenient schedule: by agreement, classes are held in the morning, lunchtime, evening hours and even on weekends.
Passive vocabulary becomes active vocabulary.
Training is possible with a native speaker or according to the “2 teachers” system.

Before starting classes, the tutor conducts tests to determine the level of knowledge. This gives an idea of ​​what the person already knows and what needs to be tightened up.

4 levels of knowledge

Levels reached by the student after online Chinese courses:


Assigned to those who have taken courses of 360 hours and have a vocabulary of 800 words or more.


Duration from 700 to 960 hours. The vocabulary is 1500 words.


Duration 960-1900 hours, vocabulary from 5000 words.

High level.

Anyone who has taken a Chinese course with a duration of over 1900 hours, a vocabulary of 8000 words or more is received.

A Chinese tutor will help you to master the language. Knowledge is required not only for traveling to China, but also for doing business, negotiation and other purposes to improve the quality of life.

Diploma available to everyone
Until recently, the study of the Chinese language was considered a whim, but today many specialists are ready to share their knowledge with pleasure, to do everything possible so that a person quickly masters all its charm. Be prepared for challenges as Chinese is difficult to learn. You need to master 4 tonalities - the meaning of words depends on this. It is not easy to remember the spelling of hieroglyphs, especially since one symbol can mean different actions and words.

The Chinese language is one of the most ancient, it has existed for more than three millennia. It does not change and does not lend itself to the tendency to simplify, like many others. But this is the uniqueness - it has survived to this day in its original form. In the Middle Kingdom, this is an advantage and encourages the Chinese and Chinese women to learn, because without studying the hieroglyphs, they will not be able to communicate and lead an active life. The tutor will help you learn the "Chinese literacy" and will make it interesting, so you will want to learn!

Chinese Tutor at City Pros
You don't have to go far to find an experienced Chinese tutor, a specialist is available “in one click” on the City Pros website.

It is a platform for meeting students and teachers. The parties agree on all the nuances directly. You can pay for services in any convenient way, including bank cards, Internet banking, Google services. All newcomers who have passed the registration receive a bonus, the cashback service is available.


If the tutor does not match any criteria, there is an opportunity to get a refund.

On the City Pros portal, native speakers post their profiles, ready to immerse you in the intricacies of learning Chinese characters at any time.