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A dog is not just a pet or a "man's friend"; for many, four-legged tails have long become full members of the family. Many dog ​​owners understand that caring for them is not limited to quality food, treats, toys, or fun activities.

The more educated the dog, the safer it is for others, the owner and herself. If you want your pet to be well-mannered, you need to train him. Of course, you can teach basic tricks on your own, but if you want your dog to be obedient and cheerful, it is best to contact a professional dog handler.

Cynology is not just the science of training, it studies in detail the dog's body, physiological and mental functions, features and history of breeding of different breeds, etc. This enables the dog handler to educate the animal without harm to its body and psyche. The owner, in turn, has the opportunity to get not just a dog that knows how to bring slippers or give a paw, but a full-fledged companion during walks, trips, and at home it is much more comfortable with a well-bred animal.

But how do you find a good dog handler? There are many ads on the Internet offering services, but how to distinguish a professional from an amateur? After all, the life and health of a four-legged friend is at stake.

In order to help our readers find a professional dog handler for their dog, we have studied this issue in more detail.


How to find a good dog handler?

When choosing a dog handler, it is important to understand that the safety of everyone who will be in contact with the dog in the future depends on how professionally he works. Therefore, when considering the various options, pay attention to the following points:

  • Experience

A diploma of education, as well as certificates and awards from various exhibitions are required. Attending conferences, courses that allow you to improve your qualifications - a professional is constantly learning something new and developing.

  • Having your own dog at the dog handler

Working with dogs is a lifestyle, which is why most professional dog handlers have one or more pets. Their condition and behavior are indicative - cheerful and cheerful animals that obey and respect their owner will become the best advertisement for his services.

  • The result of working with clients' dogs

When choosing a person who will work with your pet, we recommend that you visit the training area in advance. The way a dog handler works with pets will allow you to understand how professional he is and whether such communication will harm your four-legged friend.

  • Working with the owner

Yes, that's right, you will also need to constantly contact a dog handler who will teach you how to properly manage your dog. Sociability, culture of communication, as well as how you understand what he says, is also an important selection criterion.


What does the owner need to know?

Dog training is a teamwork of the dog handler and the owner of the animal. Therefore, in addition to the criteria that a trainer must meet, we have prepared several recommendations for new or future owners:

You need to start training a dog from a young age. The work of a dog handler with a puppy will allow you to raise an obedient animal with a healthy psyche. When you give a pet at the age of 1-2 years, you are trying to re-educate it by correcting the already formed character. This is a longer and more complex process that is stressful for the dog.


  • You need to continue training after the completion of the program. No matter how professional the dog handler is and no matter what tricks the animal teaches, if you do not deal with it every day, all efforts will gradually come to naught.


  • The dog cannot be beaten. Violence breeds aggression and retaliatory violence. Of course, there should be methods of punishment and the dog should know them, but it is impossible to reach blows or beatings. The use of impulse collars, leashes, and educational conversation work much more efficiently.


  • When choosing a dog handler, ask him questions. Professionals are used to communicating a lot with the owners of their wards, so there should be no problems answering questions or asking them to tell about their own experience and methods. If a person leaves the answer or refuses outright, it is worth continuing the search.


Where to find a good dog handler?

You can find a dog handler who can properly educate and train your dog using our service. Filters will help you find a professional in your locality, here you can also specify the type of service, cost and other criteria.

You can ask questions to the dog handler through the feedback form on the website. The description page provides detailed information about the experience, types and costs of services.