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Eyebrow correction

One of the most expressive parts of the face that “sets his mood” are the eyebrows. The well-chosen shape and color of the eyebrows help to create a complete look, especially when you consider that everyday makeup is becoming more natural and natural.

Perfect eyebrows are naturally a reality, but on rare occasions. Even if they have an anatomically correct shape and rich color, the presence of separately growing hairs and bald patches can ruin everything. Despite the large number of eyebrow products that the beauty industry offers, not everyone knows how to use them correctly. The result is an unnatural color and geometry that does not fit the shape of the face. Therefore, browmaster services continue to gain popularity today.

The first thing a professional eyebrow artist will do is get the right shape. Despite the fact that there are several rules for its creation, which can be easily found on the Internet, it is always selected individually. Next is the choice of color and saturation. This, of course, is a matter of taste, but a professional eyebrow artist will always unobtrusively suggest the most suitable option.

But how do you find a good eyebrow artist? Each master will assure that he will make his eyebrows perfect, but how to check? We've put together some helpful tips to help you find your “right” browbist.


How to choose an eyebrow shaper?

Despite the fact that everyone has a specific list of requirements that a professional must meet, while collecting information, we focused on the quality of work and its safety for health.

So, a professional brow-master:

Offers several services to choose from

This includes modeling as well as painting with different compositions. It can be henna, ammonia-based or ammonia-free coloring compounds. Possession of several techniques will allow the browist to choose the option that suits the client.

Has a large portfolio

Most often this is a page on social networks where the master uploads his work, as well as a full description, including materials.


Uses professional tools and formulations

The professional's arsenal is much wider than tweezers and a paint brush. Before proceeding with coloring, the master prepares the skin. For this, a special scrub is used, as well as other compounds, thanks to which the paint is applied evenly, without forming stains.

For mixing coloring compositions, special devices are used that make the composition homogeneous and allow it to be prepared in a few minutes.


Disinfection and order

Not only tools should be subject to processing, but the entire workplace. For protection, special disposable napkins and towels are used. The foreman must work with gloves.

As for the workplace, it should be in order, and the master himself should have a neat appearance. The services of the beauty industry are, first of all, aesthetics and it should be present in everything.


Availability of diplomas and certificates

Eyebrow shaping, like any other beauty procedure, is constantly evolving. New modeling and coloring techniques emerge, new manufacturers enter the market, and more effective and less harmful colorants appear. The professional always continues to learn something new.


Mindfulness during preparation

No matter how harmless and natural the dyes are, it should be understood that this is a chemical composition that can cause allergies. During preparation, a professional eyebrow artist is always interested in the client's hypersensitivity to various components. It is also important to understand what kind of cosmetics you use, how you process your eyebrows - the stability and uniformity of coloring depends on this. Understanding all the nuances will help you choose an effective and safe dye.

Open communication

A professional is always sociable and can find a common language with the client. He can explain in detail the technique he will use, as well as what composition and for what purpose to apply. This allows you to build a relationship of trust with the client and increases the likelihood that he will become permanent.

At the same time, the salon should have a price list with a clear description of the services. The cost of all manipulations is negotiated before the start of staining.

Where to find a professional eyebrow artist?

If you are looking for a brow-master, you can find it using our service. To do this, use the filters by selecting your locality, type of service and its cost.

When choosing a brow-master, pay attention to the description of the services, as well as information about the salon or private office. If you have any questions, you can contact the administrator or ask a question to the wizard directly. To do this, use the feedback form that is on the site.