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Overall score: 60 of 100
Julie Lema
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60 min
200 UAH
Julie Lema

French world

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Cours de français

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Online meeting
60 min
200 UAH
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How to find a good online French tutor?


French language is one of the most mysterious and beautiful. It is covered with a haze of romance and filled with a touch of love. Studying it opens up opportunities for career and travel, but sometimes it happens that school lessons are not enough - in this case, online learning comes to the rescue.


Learning French online is gaining in popularity. The Internet has become an integral part of our life, and its development has made it possible to transfer learning to online mode: many learn French without even leaving their own home!


There is only one question here: how to find a French tutor who will teach all the intricacies of grazing, help you deal with the endless “que”, use negative and restrictive phrases correctly, and, in general, correctly understand the fast and emotional speaking style of the southern region, which is typical for residents Mediterranean, provoking "eating" most of the vowels?


Let's take a look at all the nuances to look out for when looking for a French tutor.


How to choose a competent teacher?


It is believed that the most important indicator of a tutor's professionalism is teaching experience. Indeed, in one case it may be just a translator who graduated from a foreign language, in another - an acting teacher, in the third - a newly minted university graduate who has not yet had time to work anywhere and confirm his qualifications, and in the fourth - a native speaker. Their level of language proficiency will be different, and most importantly, their ability to teach will also be different.


But specialization is no less important here. Sometimes even a professional translator cannot teach anything - simply because he does not know how to do it. For a balanced choice, one word of the teacher is not enough.


Do not hesitate to demand confirmation of his professionalism - diploma, diplomas and certification. A good online French tutor will definitely have them, but the charlatan will “pose”. This will be the selection criterion.


How much does a French tutor cost?


Online training is much cheaper than personal lessons, and therefore if you want to learn French online with a native speaker, but not spend all your savings on it, this is exactly what you need!


To a large extent, the price of online classes depends on the qualifications of the tutor, the degree of his demand in the labor market, the number of permanent students and personal ambitions. Second, the following factors affect pricing:


• Application of various teaching methods - educational literature, audio and video materials.
• Relevance of knowledge - the teacher uses French in everyday life.
• Language practice - participation in the educational process of a native speaker.

If a French tutor travels frequently, constantly communicates in a foreign language or has foreign friends, his experience and skills are more expensive.


How is online learning going?


In many ways, the training program depends on the goals set. For example, you can choose basic vocabulary or focus on grammar. And in case you need fluent speaking, it is better to choose an online French language study with an emphasis on dialogues.


In addition, the course must necessarily include listening comprehension, that is, listening - this will help to better understand native speakers. Online lessons give you the ability to control the pace of your learning. If you absorb the material too slowly, you can go through it all over again, rather than adjust to the group.


Why online learning is more convenient?


In addition to saving time, online education offers many new opportunities. You can learn French regardless of where you live, find a teacher who can give you the knowledge you need, wherever he is.


You can study French with a native speaker online at any convenient time, choose your own pace of learning, and focus on those areas where you need to improve your knowledge. All you need is a microphone to speak and headphones to listen.


Where to find a tutor?


One of the most convenient ways to find a French tutor is to use CityPros. The point here is not only a large base of teachers with different levels of language proficiency, but also additional advantages


Firstly, the tutor's services can be paid in any convenient way - using Visa or Mastercard, through ApplePay or GooglePay.


Secondly, after registration, the account will have $ 10 in the form of bonuses, and 5% cashback will be returned from each payment. And if for some reason you don't like your online French tutor, you can get a refund.


Online lessons will help expand the vocabulary, improve listening skills, and transfer passive vocabulary to active. Choose a teacher and your own curriculum with City Pros!