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German tutors - Services

New service
Overall score: 60 of 100
Iryna Jones
Online meeting
50 min
15 USD
Iryna Jones

Iryna Jones

Overall score: 60 of 100
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German Lessons (IB, IGCSE, GCSE,PYP)

I teach German to kids and students British curriculum, PYP, IGCSE, GCSE, IB, A-level.

Online meeting
50 min
15 USD
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A German tutor is a guarantor of useful knowledge, a wide vocabulary, and colloquial speech. As they say, with its help, language learning is not a burden, but a joy. Individual online classes are more effective than group ones, because the teacher's attention is focused on one student, taking into account his knowledge and skills. The author's forms of teaching are practiced.

A different number of hours are allotted to study a particular material, so learning with a tutor in German in virtual mode is more effective than classical lessons at home. It is quite possible to learn from a person living in Germany who has up-to-date knowledge and thorough pronunciation. Now this is not a novelty, but rather a requirement of students who want to master German perfectly.

When can you not do without a tutor?
An online German tutor will help you in different life situations. For example, a person is going to Germany for work, on a visit, a business trip and he needs to overcome the language barrier. In fact, the purpose of the visit is not important, the main thing is to arrive prepared.

Learning a language even at a basic level will make your stay in a foreign region more comfortable. If a person plans to leave for Germany for permanent residence, a native speaker will do everything possible so that he thoroughly learns German, operates with concepts, knows how to read and write.

Other situations where the help of a tutor is indispensable:

If you need to improve your knowledge of certain topics, improve your spoken language and spelling.
Prepare for exams, testing, tests, negotiations, interviews.
Replenish vocabulary, learn to behave confidently when talking with an interlocutor.
An online German tutor will conduct a test for the student to determine the level of existing knowledge, listen to wishes, learning goals, and make a convenient class schedule. The information obtained will help make the classes as productive as possible.

Benefits of Online Learning
For a modern person, comfort and saving their own time are of great importance. A German tutor via Skype works without a territorial reference. You can do it in your free time - in the evenings and even at lunchtime at your main job, the main thing is to discuss the conditions in advance. Since there is no strict time reference (unlike terrestrial language schools), then there is no need to skip anything.

Other advantages of learning online:

during the lessons, the person is in a comfortable environment;
to attend the lesson, you do not need to specially prepare for this - get there, get dressed, just connect to the Internet and log into Skype;
if a child is studying, parents have the opportunity to control the process;
residents of small settlements have a good opportunity to study with a qualified German language tutor.
you can keep confidentiality.
The German language tutor presents the material in an interesting way, the training takes place in a relaxed lively atmosphere. This contributes to an increase in student confidence, so new knowledge will be assimilated faster.

A person who uses the services of a German tutor for the first time faces many questions. Let's consider the most popular ones.

Why is a native speaker better?
A German tutor who is a native speaker knows all the features of modern spoken German, subject to any changes. For the student, this is an opportunity to advance in the acquisition of oral speech, learn how to correctly formulate sentences, enrich vocabulary, correct pronunciation, speak, as is customary among the Germans. But the services of native speakers are on average 15-25% more expensive.

How long does it take to learn German?
Much depends on the learning objectives and the available knowledge. The average period of education for adults is:

Intensive couscous online - 5 weeks.
Standard - 10 weeks.
Standard - 9 weeks.
Important: the duration of the course for children and adolescents is different.

Let's look at an example so that a beginner understands how the training takes place. The intensive course (70 hours on average) covers 4 basic skills - writing, speaking, reading, listening. Phonetics is an integral part on which tutors emphasize. However, the beauty of online learning is that the program can be adjusted for yourself and negotiate everything directly.

What period of time is it more convenient to study?
An online German tutor provides his services at any convenient time agreed in advance. When choosing a schedule, you need to take into account your biorhythms, because the productivity of some people falls in the morning hours, while others are most active in the evening.

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