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Makeup is an important part of any female look without which it will be incomplete. Today it is a combination of decorative and care cosmetics, thanks to which it is possible not only to hide skin imperfections, but also to actively fight them, as well as prevent their appearance.

With the help of professional makeup, you can emphasize the dignity of your face, visually correct the shape, and give texture. There are two types of makeup: casual and evening.

Everyday makeup aims to hide minor skin imperfections and highlight the eyes, eyebrows or lips. It is as natural and "refreshing" as possible. Almost any girl, knowing her characteristics, is able to correctly make such a make-up, spending a minimum of time in the morning.

As for the evening, here the task is more difficult. Makeup should not only mask flaws and emphasize advantages, but also be in harmony with clothes, jewelry and styling. It is important here to correctly combine colors and textures, as well as take into account the type and characteristics of the skin, otherwise oily sheen or peeling will nullify all efforts. But this is not at all what you need at a party, regardless of whether it is a wedding, birthday or corporate party.

If you want to look stunning at an important event or party, your best bet is to go to a professional makeup artist.

But how do you find it? You can find a lot of offers on the Internet, but how to distinguish a professional from an amateur? We've put together some helpful tips.


How to find a good makeup artist?

All girls are individual and each has its own requirements for a make-up master. In the selection, we focused on the professionalism of the makeup artist and the safety for the health of clients.

So, a professional makeup artist:

Has a large portfolio

Most often this is a page in social networks with photos and videos of works. Some makeup artists lay out the process of creating an image so that clients do not have doubts that this is their job, and also have an understanding of what tools are used.

Has a diploma and certificates

No matter how beautiful the picture in the portfolio is, knowledge of application techniques is also important. The beauty industry does not stand still, new tools and techniques are constantly appearing. A professional make-up artist must be proficient not only in classical techniques, but also be aware of trendy novelties.

Uses professional cosmetics

The durability of the make-up and its effect on the skin depend on this. Expensive high-quality cosmetics allows you to create exactly the effect that was intended on the client's face. In this case, there will be no feeling of tightness or the presence of a mask, which brings discomfort. Yes, and irritation or rash will not appear even if you go with it all day.

Keeps the instruments clean

Brushes, beauty blenders, sponges and other accessories must be perfectly clean and disinfected. This will ensure that the client does not develop allergies or skin conditions. This point is especially important because it is aimed primarily at health care.

Finds out the details

Before the appointment, a professional make-up artist always asks the client for all the information in detail. The type of event, clothes, hairstyle, accessories - even a skilled craftsman needs to think through everything in advance. Hair color, shade and skin type, as well as the presence of allergies to any components - a professional will never risk a client's health.

A professional makeup artist will never work with a client with skin conditions. The application of cosmetic compositions can worsen the situation and the master will warn about this. The second point is the safety of other clients, since different diseases have different degrees of infectiousness. This is one of the unpleasant moments of this profession, but the ability to correctly refuse is a plus.

Regardless of whether you apply to a salon or a private master, he should always have a price list for all services and a detailed description of them. This will make it possible to calculate the budget and avoid an unpleasant situation when the final cost is higher than the agreed one. If in the process of work there is a need to use funds for an additional payment, he must always first coordinate this with the client and, only having received consent, start work.


Where can you find a professional makeup artist?

If you need a professional makeup artist who can harmoniously complement the image you have created, you can find it using our service. To search, select the category you need, and also indicate your locality, estimated cost and other important criteria for you, using the filters.

You can ask the questions you are interested in to the salon administrator or to the makeup artist himself through the feedback form on our website.