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FREE online olympiad

FREE registration for the online english and math olympiad. Register below and you will get a link before the olympiad starts. Olympiad starts in:

320 Days
10 Hours
38 Mins
13 Secs

Please, select subject and grade:

School Class:
Requirements to participate

Requirements to participate in the olympiad

It is free to participate in english olympiad and all you need is a device (laptop, desktop, tablet or a phone ) and internet connection

Prizes and gifts

1st place - Apple iPad, 2nd place - Apple iWatch, 3rd place - Apple iWatch and various school gifts for all others who will be in the 4th-100th place.

1st Place

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

2nd Place

Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch

3rd Place

Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch

4-100 Places


Gifts for school