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How to choose a pedicure master?

Foot care is not limited to the condition of the nails. The presence of corns, calluses, rough, cracked heels can make any look sloppy, especially if you like to wear open shoes. In a colder period, the absence of a pedicure causes considerable discomfort, and attempts to do it yourself often end in cuts.

In order for you to forget about these problems forever, you need to contact a professional pedicure master who will put your feet in order in one procedure. But how do you find a good pedicurist? There are many offers of this service, but how to choose an experienced master?


We've put together a few tips to help you find your master:

Disinfection - despite the fact that this nuance does not apply to the technique used by the master, it is she who guarantees your safety, and health always comes first. Disposable consumables should be changed with the client, and instruments should be sterilized after each session.

The choice of techniques - hardware, classic or acid pedicure should be offered in one price list. A professional pedicure will always recommend the one that suits your case, it depends on the condition of the skin on your feet.

A large portfolio - most often experienced craftsmen post photos of their work on pages in social networks, thanks to this, you can familiarize yourself with their capabilities in advance.

Certificates - despite their great experience, professional pedicure masters attend various conferences and master classes. This allows you to understand the service market and offer your customers new options.

Busy schedule - a professional pedicure has many clients who regularly use her services. Due to the tight schedule, you can sign up for her several days or weeks in advance.

Comfort during the procedure is another criterion. An experienced master can always support the conversation, but at the same time it is not imposed.

Where can I find a good pedicure?

If you need a professional nail service master, you can find him using our service. In order to find a specialist with the most suitable conditions, use the filters during your search.

A detailed description, as well as a convenient feedback form, will make it possible to determine how much the manicure master meets your requirements.