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Text Rewrite

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Any business or organization needs the right introduction. It can be advertising, participation in various exhibitions or conferences, but the presence of a website is required. Visualization, detailed description of services, communication with potential clients and partners - the whole world has begun to move online for a long time.

One of the requirements for content is not only its presence, but also a clear presentation. This makes it possible to quickly familiarize yourself with the service and determine how much it is needed.

Most people search for services and products on the Internet. Thanks to this, you can choose a suitable and cost-effective option, spending a minimum of time. In order for your site to be one of the first to be displayed according to the entered request, the text placed on it must be not only readable, but also unique. Often, text that can describe your service has already been posted on a blog or on a competitor's website. In order to present your service or product, while not copying someone else's work, you need a high-quality rewriting.

At its core, text rewriting is a presentation of information that has already been described in a different form. New, unique text can have a different structure, volume and be written in a different style. The main goal is to convey thought and information about a product or something else. The process of creating such a text is rewriting.

You can start filling your resource yourself, but if you do not have experience, skills or time and you want to post only high-quality unique content on it, you will need a professional rewriter. Such cooperation will save time, resources and get results.

But how do you find a professional? We have compiled a few guidelines to help you distinguish a professional rewriter from an amateur.


How to find a professional rewriter?

Despite the fact that the information with which the rewriter works is not unique, his task is to present it not only in a unique, but also in a readable format.

When choosing a rewriter, use several proven methods:

  • Experience

Ask a potential contractor about his work experience as well as the level of workload he has. A diploma and various certificates do not play a role, since not all humanities or journalists have the ability to write interesting, readable texts. Many customers need high-quality content, so a professional always has a lot of work.

  • Portfolio

If the author has been working for a long time and his services are in demand, he will be able to provide examples of his texts that have already been posted on the website of previous customers. This is not a guarantee that the work was written by that person, but the example will give a general understanding of the topics they are working with.

  • Test

In this area, it is common practice to request a test item. It can be a small text on a given topic or a request to rewrite it from a specified source. We recommend that you immediately order a text that you can use on your resource, this will help you understand how the style of writing suits you, the level of disclosure of the topic, and also check the punctuality of the rewriter.


Recommendations to the customer

Most often, cooperation with a rewriter is a design work that is designed for a certain amount of content that you plan to place on your site. The most suitable format would be cooperation with a freelancer. In order for the work to be comfortable, consider a few points:

  • Service price

It should be negotiated in advance for each text or 1000 characters without and with a space. If the rewriter works remotely, the payment must be sent on time if you want it to be completed on time.

  • Uniqueness

You can check the uniqueness of the text using the resources text.ru, etxt.ru or advego.com. Test requirements for this indicator are also discussed in advance.

  • Timing

Set deadlines. Most rewriters work with several customers, so it is necessary to understand in advance when the text is needed.

If the test task suits you and you are ready to use this text on your resource, you must pay for it. All corrections must be agreed before the text is approved and published.


Where can you find a good rewriter?

If you need a professional rewriter who can fill your information resource, blog or online store with unique and high-quality content, you can find it using our service.

The remote format of work allows you not to be limited to one locality, you can specify the rest of the criteria using the filters. To contact a potential contractor, use the feedback form that is available on the page.