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Social psychologist

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Social psychologist


One of the factors that affect a person's life is society. Even the most self-confident and independent person in one way or another obeys generally accepted rules, which are created so that different groups of people can peacefully coexist in society.

The very concept of "society" is quite broad, one and the same person can be a member of several social groups at once, depending on the type of occupation, hobbies, etc. The impact of these groups on a person's life may differ. These can be both positive manifestations in the form of new opportunities or healthy competition, when it is an incentive to develop and learn something new, or negative ones - discrimination, exposure to prohibited substances, alcohol, etc.

To solve such problems, there is a separate profession - a social psychologist. The main task of this specialist is to take measures to create a healthy atmosphere in any team. This allows not only to improve the quality of life of all participants, but also to improve the result of their work, if we are talking, for example, about the work collective.

In order for our readers to have an understanding of what social psychologists are, what their responsibilities are and how they can help, we have studied this topic in more detail.

What kind of social psychologists are there?

Despite the fact that the direction of work is one, the format of work of social psychologists can be different.

Social psychologists can do:

Research activities

It consists in the study of existing materials, as well as their addition and correction. Social psychologists can conduct research, observation, or work for a time with teams in order to obtain valuable data for the work. Thanks to them, new diagnostic techniques and problem solving in teams are being created.

Social practice

In this case, a social psychologist works directly with a collective of people. He studies the problem that has arisen and develops an individual plan to solve it. Based on the materials that practicing psychologists collect in this case, various psychological techniques can also be created or adjusted, so that the two categories are closely related.

As a rule, large teams or organizations have their own social psychologist who leads the group for a long time. If necessary, a private or public organization can contact this specialist to solve certain problems.

The social psychologist has a fairly broad specialization, he works both with groups of people and with their individual participants. At the same time, he can apply various testing methods, conduct complex psychotherapy.

Who does the social psychologist work with?

These can be both large teams and small communities:


In view of the fact that at school age a person for the first time consciously becomes a member of a sufficiently large society, the supervision of a specialist is especially necessary here. Despite the fact that the psyche of children is quite flexible, they are also the most vulnerable, their awareness of their own “I” and relationships in the team are just forming. It is the role of the social psychologist that is especially important here. He must “keep his finger on the pulse” and identify the problem that has arisen in time. Conflicts, bullying, discipline violations - the specialist works with both “aggressors” and “victims” of situations, helping them to establish healthy communication.

Labor collectives

Often, top managers of companies also resort to the services of a social psychologist. It's not a secret for anyone that the atmosphere in the team directly affects its productivity, therefore, timely identification of problems, conflicts, misunderstandings is extremely necessary here. A good work of a psychologist will not only improve performance, but also reduce turnover, as well as establish a connection between colleagues or management. The work in this case is also two-sided, the specialist can recommend managers to change the approach to management.

Sports teams

These can be both small regional teams or sections, and national teams. At the same time, a social psychologist works not only with individual athletes and groups of players, but also with the coaching staff, as well as with the immediate environment. The more serious the competition, the greater the responsibility, and this is one of the factors in which a person can feel discomfort and pressure. This will definitely affect his results, as well as the whole team.

Population of a specific region

In this case, the social psychologist works closely with the local authorities. His job is to research, observe, and find solutions for different situations. As for social work, it is mainly carried out by representatives of various services on the spot.

In order for the work of a psychologist to be effective, he carries out a whole range of actions.


What does a social psychologist do?

In the course of work, a social psychologist performs a whole range of activities:

Study of the state of the team, the presence of conflicts or dissatisfaction in it, analysis of its effectiveness in the context of occupation;

Working with a group of people, as well as individual consultations of individual participants. Often, a psychologist is the organizer of various teambuildings, trainings, he can take part himself or involve coaches from outside.

Creation of a program for the improvement and development of the team. This is a complex that may include communication rules, a system of rewards and punishments, and the definition of roles.

Psychological work with people who represent the most vulnerable layer. These can be children from disadvantaged families, victims of abuse in its various manifestations, as well as people who have found themselves in an unfavorable life situation.

Working with social workers. This can be both professional advice and psychological assistance. Employees of social services, crisis and rehabilitation centers also need support on a regular basis.

The result of the work of a social psychologist depends not only on his knowledge and experience, but also on his personal and professional qualities.

What qualities should a social psychologist have?

Due to the large number of diverse tasks, a social psychologist must have:

Empathy and empathy

The trust of the people with whom he works is something without which there will be no positive result. This helps not only to reveal the root of the problem, but also to stimulate the people with whom he works to follow the recommendations.

Stress tolerance

Passing a large amount of information through yourself, as well as constantly working with people who are in an agitated, pessimistic or aggressive state, it is important to be able to abstract in time.

Analytical mind

The search for solutions for different social groups is based on mathematical modeling. The need to understand algorithms, identify various influencing factors and, based on them, develop solutions require logical thinking.

Hard work

Psychology is one of those areas that continue to actively develop, so it is simply necessary to constantly collect new data, develop and study methods. It is important to understand that a social psychologist is like a lifestyle.

The more directions a social psychologist studies, the better. Since he deals with different groups of people, knowing the different human manifestations will help to gain a complete understanding of the situation.

Where to find a social psychologist?

If you need a professional consultant for project work or a psychologist who will work with your team on an ongoing basis, you can find him using our service.

After the first consultations, you will better understand what is happening in our team, whether there are any problems and how they need to be solved. Working with a social psychologist will create a healthy work or friendly atmosphere in the team.

Psychologists conduct sessions online, you can choose a psychologist who will meet your requirements and discuss the further format of cooperation. You can contact a psychologist through the feedback form on the website.