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Epilation is one of the most popular cosmetic services, which are actively used by both women and men. It makes it possible to get rid of excess hair for a long time, the procedure takes little time and practically does not cause discomfort.

Sugaring is one of the types of hair removal. Its peculiarity is the use of sugar paste for hair removal. To do this, the master applies the composition to the treated area and removes it with a sharp movement along with the hairs.

Sugaring has many advantages:

efficiency - during a well-performed procedure, all hairs are removed, and the next ones grow thinner and lighter;
safety - a natural hypoallergenic composition with a temperature of up to 38 ° C is used for hair removal, this eliminates the possibility of getting a burn;
additional scrubbing - in the process of hair removal, keratinized skin particles stick to the paste, this is an excellent way of additional care.

Despite the fact that the sugaring procedure can be carried out at home, having previously bought or prepared sugar paste, we do not recommend doing this if you do not have the appropriate training. This can lead to trauma to the skin as well as ingrown hairs.

If you want to do sugaring, it is better to contact a master who can carry out the procedure efficiently and safely.


How to find a good sugaring master?

The main mistake of many clients is the belief that the procedure itself is quite simple, and therefore does not require special knowledge. However, it is not.

Professional sugaring master:

Has diplomas and certificates

Even if the master has a lot of practical experience, he continues to learn. A lot of new tools, materials and techniques appear on the market every year, which make it possible to make the procedure better and more effective. The professional always has his finger on the pulse.

Uses professional formulations

There are several types of pastes that differ in the degree of softness, each of which is designed for a specific type of hair. This allows you to remove hairs from the treated area without damaging the skin.

The same applies to formulations that are used for pretreating leather. They must remove impurities without causing irritation or redness. For better adhesion of the sugar paste, a special cosmetic talcum powder is used, not baby powder.

Maintains sterility

We are talking about both the processing of tools (blades, tweezers, etc.) and all working surfaces. An autoclave is used for instruments - special equipment for sterilization. The table, chair and other surfaces must be treated with a disinfectant.

During the procedure itself, a professional uses disposable sheets, towels, napkins. If the bikini area is being processed, disposable panties are provided to customers. The master himself always works with gloves.

Looks neat

The appearance of a beauty industry worker is his business card. A special uniform or dressing gown, gathered hair, well-groomed appearance are indicators of his professionalism.


A master who works in the field of beauty services must be good at communicating with clients. Subject to subordination and business ethics, the client should always be comfortable.

A professional sugaring master is always ready to advise the client and answer all questions both before and after the procedure. What formulations are used, why each of the funds is needed, as well as how to care for the treated area - the professional will tell all this information himself or at the first question.

At the same time, there should be good lighting in the office, this allows you to remove all hairs from the area where the sugaring is carried out. If the light is dim and there are no additional special sources to work with, there is a high probability that the master will miss the hairs.

If during the procedure blood droplets appear on the skin, it must be treated with a chlorhexidine solution, a professional master must disinfect the area.

The cost of the procedure, as well as its full description should be in the price list. If it is necessary to use additional funds, the master must warn about this in advance.


Where to find a professional sugaring master?

If you are looking for “your” sugaring master who can provide a quality service, you can find him using our service. To do this, just select the appropriate category, then indicate your locality, as well as other criteria using filters.

The site has a feedback form, through which you can contact the salon administrator or ask questions to the sugaring master directly.