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Typewriter at home

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Typewriter at home

Modern technologies make it possible to store huge amounts of information on small media. On one flash drive or laptop hard drive, an entire library can be stored in digitized form, and there will still be a place for photos from the rest and several seasons of your favorite TV series.

Despite the fact that the digitization process has long become automatic, some of the files must be manually translated into text format, especially when it comes to manuscripts. The software can quickly digitize printed material if it is scanned or photographed. This will take a small amount of time to edit.

As for the handwritten materials, you will not be able to use the program due to the following difficulties:

illegible handwriting - scientific works, works of art or notes are not always written in calligraphic handwriting, this makes text recognition almost impossible;

the use of formulas - with their recognition and digitization is even more difficult, if in the usual text there may be misprints that will not affect the meaning of the text, then an error in the formula can have serious consequences;

charts and pictures - the situation is similar to formulas, most programs do not provide for the presence of an editor that can exactly transfer the diagram or chart, taking into account the correct scale.

If you need to translate handwritten materials into printed text, it is best to turn to a professional typesetter. Despite the fact that the job, at first glance, is quite simple, the typesetter must have a number of qualities, while he can work in the office or at home.

In order for you to be able to distinguish a professional, we have collected several recommendations.


How do I find a typesetter?

In most cases, typing is done at home. Depending on the volume of materials, you can hire a typesetter for permanent or project work.

A professional typesetter must have the following qualities:

  • Perseverance

Typing is quite monotonous work. In order to be able to gain large volumes, a person must be assiduous and calm, be able to concentrate and immerse himself in work.

  • Mindfulness

This is especially important when working with manuscripts due to the illegibility of the handwriting. The printed text should not contain typos, while the need to correct errors in the original text and the insertion of missing punctuation marks should be discussed in advance. By default, the typesetter is tasked with converting handwritten text into typed text; editing is a separate service.

  • Responsibility

The typesetter must meet deadlines. It can be either a day or a clearly specified time. Professionals can immediately estimate how long it will take to work with this or that material, so compliance with the agreements is important here.

  • Decency

The text should not contain unnecessary information or hidden characters, it is quite easy to calculate by selecting all the text and changing its color. Payment is made only for quality work.

Often, students, women on maternity leave, retired people are engaged in typing, this can be a part-time job for main employment. When applying for a job, be sure to check this point with the typesetter, since compliance with the deadlines largely depends on this. If you are counting on a large volume on a daily basis, you must initially negotiate this with the candidate. You can check the quality of work using a test task.

To do this, you can send a photo or a scanned image of a small fragment. In this case, the work is worth paying. Due to the large number of fraudulent typing jobs, candidates may have some concerns. Paying even a small amount on time will increase the level of trust in you as an employer.

Payment for typed text is calculated based on the cost per 1000 characters. It is important to take into account the complexity of the source. If the handwritten file contains formula diagrams or drawings, they must be charged separately as they take longer. The same applies to texts that are written in illegible handwriting. An experienced typesetter, who is used to working on the result, can spend a lot of time on parsing, so if you want to get accurate digitization, you should not save.


Where can I find a professional typesetter?

If you need to digitize handwritten files, you can find a typesetter using our service. Most candidates work remotely, so in the filters you can select the type of employment and work experience.

You can contact the candidate using the feedback form, which is available on the profile page.