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For any pet owner, his four-legged friend is not just a pet, but a family member. That is why we always try to give them the best: nutritious and tasty food, healthy vitamins, quality toys, a cozy house, etc.

Before you get a cat, dog, parrot, hamster, chinchilla or any other animal, you need to study all its features and needs. It is important to understand that even the most delicious human food can be not only harmful, but also dangerous for the animal. It is also important to have contacts with a trusted professional veterinarian.

Unfortunately, pets cannot tell us about their poor health, so it is worth contacting your veterinarian if you notice that your pet:

  • Became lethargic

Dogs and cats stop playing, rodents are constantly trying to hide and do not go to hand. The animal sleeps more than usual and reacts poorly to toys, its beloved owner, and other pets.

  • Eats less

Or he stops eating, only occasionally drinks water. The animal loses its appetite, it stops responding to its favorite treats and runs to the plate.

  • Looks bad

The pet is very thin, the coat becomes dull, oily sheen appears or vice versa, dryness, it can also fall out. Claws and teeth break.

Even a subtle change in the behavior or condition of the animal may indicate the presence of a disease, so the sooner you see a doctor, the better the result will be.

But how do you choose a good veterinarian? We have collected several recommendations so that you can help your pet.

How do I find a good veterinarian?

The veterinarian can provide online counseling or home visits. It all depends on the severity of what happened and the need for a quick response.

Regardless of the format of the consultation, a professional veterinarian:

Has specialized education

Veterinary medicine is no less serious and complex direction than traditional one. The veterinarian must have appropriate training and extensive practical experience.

  • Attentive to detail

To make a correct diagnosis, it is necessary to collect a detailed history. A professional veterinarian always listens carefully to the owners, asking questions about nutrition, the rhythm of life, as well as changes in the behavior and well-being of the animal. Careful examination, tests, X-rays, if necessary - only after all these manipulations an operation or drug treatment is prescribed.

  • Focuses on hygiene

Sterile instruments, disposable gloves, syringes, catheters and other consumables, as well as a disinfected workplace will protect your pet from infection during examination or medical procedures.

  • Likes animals

This is a very important criterion that affects the effectiveness of treatment. A trip to the clinic or any manipulation by a stranger is always stressful for the animal, so a professional must be able to find an approach to the animal.

If during the consultation you have doubts or questions, do not hesitate to ask them. The life and health of your pet depends on it. An experienced veterinarian knows how to communicate with clients and explain to the owners the essence and necessity of their actions in an accessible way. Remember that it is you who must consent to initiating treatment for the animal, so the decision must be made carefully.

We recommend contacting specialized veterinary clinics. This has several advantages over a private veterinarian:

  • the necessary equipment for examination and surgery;
  • the ability to take material for analysis on the spot and send it to the laboratory;
  • the presence of nurses and other personnel - this is especially important when working with large animals or in the case of major operations;
  • the presence of control - in specialized clinics there is always a monitoring system that allows you to select professional veterinarians on the staff, as well as control their work.

In this case, you can always issue a call to the veterinarian at home. By describing the symptoms the animal has experienced, you can be sure that the doctor will have the necessary medications and supplies with him to help. This will allow you to save your pet from stress during transport. If hospitalization is still required, the doctor will inform you about it.

Where can I find a good veterinarian or veterinary clinic?

You can find a good veterinary clinic using our service. To do this, use the convenient filters: select a category and town, as well as other selection criteria.

You can ask all your questions through the feedback form on the website. This can be a consultation from both an administrator and a veterinarian.