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Handyman - Services

New service
Overall score: 60 of 100
josh Gali
30 CAD
josh Gali

Toronto Locksmith Shield

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30 CAD
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Not all housework can be done by men; there are some things that require professional intervention. To do this, we created the service "Handyman". A man comes and does the necessary housework related to male responsibilities. He nails the shelf, fixes the taps, nails the fallen off bar. This service significantly improves life, because for a certain fee, a man will fix everything in the house.

Who needs a Handyman?

No one is confused by the playful name of the service. She appeared in the early 90s and immediately became popular. It is often believed that single women need this service, but this is not entirely true. Of course, a woman needs help when it comes to handling a drill or other tools.

Many families need this service, not because of the inability of men. The point is different - most companies provide their husbands with special equipment for an hour. Often such equipment is not available in everyday life. In addition, the specialists of these companies have a sufficient amount of knowledge for such tasks.

How to choose a company "Handyman"?

Handyman is like calling a plumber or electrician. It takes a long time to wait only for the last specialists from the housing offices. By calling the company, you can be completely sure that a specialist in his field will come.
When choosing a company, you need to rely on real reviews and information provided on the website or phone.

How to tell a good specialist from a bad one?

"Handyman" is a demanded service and you need to be able to choose him correctly so as not to throw money down the drain. As a rule, a good and a bad master can be recognized by several signs.
Signs of a good master:

· Neat look. Appearance is a visiting card for any professional. The growing demand for this profession also increases the requirements for it. Therefore, I would like to see a neat specialist who will solve the problems that have arisen;

· Asking questions. A conscientious master will ask questions that are understandable for an ordinary person, clarifying the cause of the problems;

· Punctual. A master who is not always late is not always bad. Being late without warning, or being late without a good reason can speak of irresponsibility;

· Cleans up after itself and works neatly. A good craftsman works carefully, or cleans up after himself;
   quality work. If the master is not sure about the quality of his work, he would rather refuse it.
It is important to understand what signs indicate the lack of professionalism of the master. It is important to pay attention to:

1. Departure for materials. If a master comes, supposedly evaluates the scope of work and leaves for materials (for your money, of course), then he will not return. Such masters should be avoided.

2. Works with prepayment. Experienced craftsmen will say that you cannot take an advance payment without assessing the amount of work. You should pay only after the work is done.

3. Inflates the price. It is easier for ignorant clients to lie about the cost of the service. Therefore, unscrupulous craftsmen break the price. In order not to overpay, check the prices with several masters.