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How City Pros can help me?

How City Pros can help me?:

  • Accept payments online for your services 24/7

    Clients can pay for your services online using a preferred payment method like Visa or Mastercard or use Apple Pay or Google Pay in City Pros mobile apps.

  • Accept bookings from your services online 24/7

    City Pros is a global platform for service providers and can save your time by automating booking process. Signup and add your services, so that your existing and new clients can book your services online 24/7 using iPhone or Android phones.

  • Increase your revenue

    If you want, City Pros professionals can increase your revenue and find new clients for you by advertising your services on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, VK, OK.

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City Pros - all you need to grow your business!

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Powerful features

City Pros offers mobile apps, video platform, SMS reminders


Mobile apps, SMS notifications

Manage your business using iPhone or Android or tablet device with City Pros mobile apps.


Powerful video platfrom

Built-in video platform allows you to communicate with your clients in real time.


Reduce no-shows

Automated SMS and email reminders will help reduce no-shows, so that your clients will not miss an appointment with you.

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How we can help you

City Pros provides all-in-one technology platform to manage your bookings and receive payments for services.

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The only platform you need to succeed in today's fast-paced online market.

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