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Internet marketer

Any business can be roughly divided into two important areas: product development and customer acquisition. It is important to understand that both factors are closely related to performance and profitability.

Regardless of what target audience your product has, one of the most effective ways to attract is online marketing. This is a fairly broad concept that is aimed at selling a product through advertising on the Internet.

Internet marketing includes several areas:

  • visualization - photo and video content that presents the product as attractively as possible for the target audience;


  • text description - in this case, you need selling texts that will not only describe a product or service, but also encourage it to purchase;


  • mailings - it can be either mail or SMS with short text or bright visuals, aimed at attracting attention and a desire to learn more.

Despite the fact that in theory everything looks clear and simple, the implementation of tasks requires special knowledge. If you want to attract more attention to your product and increase your profits, you need a professional internet marketer.

In order to find a marketer who can attract more customers to your business, we've put together a few guidelines.


How to find a professional marketer?

Even if you haven’t dealt with internet marketing as such, the first thing to do is make a list of requirements. That's right, because the business owner, like no one else, knows his product and understands what volumes of goods or the number of services he can provide.

Before opening a vacancy, define:

The maximum number of product or services you can provide
If your production produces 100 units of goods per month, 1000 attracted customers will create a load, while you will not cover their need. As a result, part of the budget will be wasted, and dissatisfied customers can leave negative reviews.

  • Planned profit

The figure should be real, obtained in the process of creating a business plan. Timing is also important (month, six months, year).

  • Budget

The amount must be pledged with the maximum real financial reserve for you.

As far as the qualifications of an internet marketer are concerned, the pros should have the following skills:

  • work with Google Analytics and Google Adwords - resources that allow you to set up contextual advertising, analyze the effectiveness of a site, its ranking in search engines, as well as other indicators that affect the number of attracted customers;


  • SMM - work with social networks. Today it is rare to find a person who does not have an account on Facebook, Instagram or other platforms;


  • SEO-optimization - compliance of the site and the content posted on it with the requirements of search engines;


  • Email marketing - creating newsletters, as well as content for them.

It is important to understand that in a large or actively developing company, a marketer cannot do everything: write selling texts, create photo and video content, collaborate with bloggers, etc. He should have an understanding of the functioning of these tools, the ability to assess their quality, and also set a task that will improve this or that indicator.

To implement tasks in a team, you need a copywriter, designer, social media manager, SEO specialist. The Internet marketer in this bundle is the key link, he sets tasks, monitors their implementation, analyzes efficiency, generates reports and is responsible for the result. Therefore, communication skills, result orientation and responsibility are important professional qualities.

During your interview, ask the internet marketer for examples of their work. You can evaluate the project by the search page on which the system will display this site. To do this, it is enough to know the scope of work and enter a simple user request like “Where to buy?”. If the site is on the first pages, has an attractive design and content that is interesting from the client's point of view, further cooperation can be considered.

It is important to understand that the list of responsibilities for each project is individual and an Internet marketer may not use all the tools that he owns. These conditions need to be discussed when applying for a job.


Where to Find a Professional Internet Marketer?

You can find a good marketer who can promote your product on the Internet using our service. To do this, use the filters and select the required criteria. The format of work can be both online and in the office of the company.

You can ask questions you are interested in through the feedback form, which is available on the page.